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Need Help Identifying Miniature

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Heisler: Thank you very much as the confirmation regarding the artist was extremely helpful. :)


So, I did a series of online searches and used the "wayback machine" to view the old website for Barony Miniatures. While going through the archive of that website, I saw the "about" page and the "links" page and used that information to located the website of Classic Miniatures and was able to successfully reach out to them. Tonight, I received an email response that confirmed that the piece was uncommon and was made by Heritage as part of a set that included the fighter (human), a damsel, and a dragon. As further confirmation, he was even able to send a photo of an identical piece! I am so happy right now. I am hoping that he will send the part number, but even with the information I have I am beyond ecstatic at the moment. It's almost 2am for me at the moment, so I'm a bit sleepy at the moment.... but wanted to post and let you all of you know what I was able to find out. I am so happy right now!!!!!  

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