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The copper looks great!  Her skin is lovely. The green fabric looks beautiful.  And her hair is very fiery indeed, but IMO, would look better with shades of gold and copper.   Really do like how that armor came out. 


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5 hours ago, Auberon said:

Ziba got started some time ago now as an excuse to try out the scale 75 fantasy and games copper nmm set that I had purchased and not really used.  TBH I like their original line of paints better and I'm not sure I'll buy more of the F&G line.  So after the copper, she got some red skin, firey hair, and then proceeded to sit until I decided to finish her up this weekend. I tried something I don't usually do for the sword hilts, and am not excited by how it turned out, but she is ready for the hypothetical tabletop none the less.







She came out great. I especially love her face.


Her hair, though "in flames" misses some shadows, in my opinion. It looks a bit flat for me - but then again, that's just my feeling.

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I will agree with sistermarynapal 

the skin, weapons and clothes are excellent quality, while the hair is off the mark. 

I think the top of her head is missing a half step between the highlights and the shadows, and the bottom of the hair needs darker highlights to create more color contrast.

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