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Orcs - Family Painting Class

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My nieces and nephew have been asking to come over and learn to paint one weekend instead of playing D&D. This weekend we had our first painting lesson. I am by no means a pro, but I was able to help get them started with some basic techniques and everyone had a lot of fun, even Niece 2 who wasn't that interested in painting had a blast.


I decided to use some old Blood Bowl orcs as I find the old GW minis have some nice simple surface areas for learning to paint. I did a weapon swap from some other bits I acquired to make them more fantasy and less football. There wasn't much on the mini to practice dry brushing, and their spiked underwear looks goofy, so I added some quick furs.






We did the skin first, working on base coats, building up some highlights with glaze medium, and then washes for the shadows. For the furs, some dry brushing over a base coat and wash. And for the gloves, I had them experiment with the GW contrast paint just to see how it works. Considering 3 of them had never painted before, and Kid 1 has only done a few minis, I think they did an amazing job. In an effort to show them not to use too small a brush for each task, I painted my example mini entirely with a no.8 brush and no magnifying glass I normally use. Definitely out of my comfort zone, but surprised myself with the results.





Kid 2 was having none of it of course. She still thinks minis are too small and annoying to paint. So she painted a pepper...





I'll post an update after the next class. Not sure yet what to work on. I think I may get them to paint the shoulder pads in a colour, then do edge highlighting and scratches/expose areas with metal highlights and black shadow edges.

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