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Dwarven Forge The Wildlands Kickstarter


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So I got a newsletter with super early (2020) kickstarter tease (image behind the spoiler).





Now that our last big set, Caverns Deep, is shipping, and our smaller recent projects are entering factory production, we are forging at full speed for our next Kickstarter campaign: The Wildlands! Venturing out into the tameless wilderness, the forthcoming set will further explore the forests and mountains of Mythras as well as adding two new environments to take your gaming to the next level, all created with our signature beauty, durability and modularity. Prepare to journey farther than ever before!


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Hmm. definitely will have to wait and see what develops. So far not seeing things in amounts that make sense to me.

I don't need 100$ worth of river terrain trays, they don't seem to have any info about the boards or mats as add-ons, only with the 350$ pledges (so 500$ with exchange and shipping and tax, so maybe 600? with stuff I'm not so into) that are more than I want. Some fun stuff, and of course it looks great, but I haven't used ANY of the terrain I have yet so I probably can't justify it.

Waterfall set and escarpments are also something I'm eyeing.

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