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Dwarven Forge The Wildlands Kickstarter


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2 hours ago, Adrift said:

I wish Dwarven Forge was better about posting a small update once in a while as compared to hitting me up for more money and selling more product. 

I’m psyched to get my trees and get them painted. Between these and what I have/have coming from Monster Fight Club I’ll have a nice repository of varying trees for decades to come. 

My wife and I were pleasantly surprised by some MFC terrain we got recently and are keenly awaiting the much larger assortment of pieces we pledged for in Icy Wilds. 

DF Dreadhollow trees really convinced us to move away from the more conventional flocked trees we have traditionally used. Now we are keen to add more diversity to our plastic forest. 

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10 hours ago, Grumpy Gnome said:

Kickstarters have a way of coming at sometimes very unexpected and inopportune times. This can make budgeting very difficult.

It wasn’t a budget issue, it was a “how much of this do I need” issue. The MFC KS dropped like 2-4 weeks after the DF one and I’d already gotten enough of what I’d need from the DF one. In fact, if the MFC stuff wasn’t thematically winter-oriented it wouldn’t have even garnered my attention as I already had 3 boxes of their trees and 2 sets of the rock terrain. 

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My next two boxes are due to arrive this week (tomorrow actually, but I might miss the delivery time for a signature). I havent had a chance to check on what is coming (other than swamps and waterfalls) vs what is left.


Edit - Looks like my list being shipped this time is, but I still need to check and see if this is the rest of everything I backed for:

  • Majestic Waterfalls Deluxe
  • Bayou Barge
  • Texture Mat - Swamp Water 24" x 24"GRIDLESS
  • Texture Mat - Mountain Lake 24" x 24"GRIDLESS
  • Swamp Master Stretch Goals
  • Heart of the Swamp
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If you are curious about our review of Wildlands, check out our new unboxing blog post. 


What are your thoughts on Dwarven Forge terrain? Has the new forest, swamp and mountain terrain in Wildlands changed your opinion? 



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With Wildlands now finally reaching retail. I have been surprised by how quickly things have been going out of stock. I have heard talk of over 500 customers in the first 10 minutes of Wildlands hitting retail. 

Part of that first 10 minute rush was me and Mrs. GG as we had not been able to afford everything we wanted during the Kickstarter campaign. 

We were not able to get everything we wanted but we got some key sets we were after, most importantly the new ruins. 

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