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The do and donts of Painting

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Hey guys I have recently learned two new things of Donts in painting.


Nr1 Do not use Bbs with copper coating in your paints. This will leak into your paint overtime. I noticed it yesterday because I had moved some of my fav reaper paints into vallejo bottles and its now showing clearly how the bbs are leaking into the paint a brwon color. I am not gognna try fishing em out but any knew bottles I get I will use my stored up reaper skulls instead to be on the safeside


Nr2 Dont use your mixed extender in thinning your ink out. The ink will not dry in the deep corners on cloaks and such. probably a pretty novice misstake Uppss so now I have two bottles one just water clearly marked and one Mixed extender also clearly marked

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- DON'T try to use an empty windex bottle filled with unthinned yellow Crayola Tempera paint to try to airbrush bare plastic warhammer stuff


- DON'T use crayola water colours as inks


- DON'T use black primer *WINK* ::P:




- DO use primer


- DO thin your paints


- DO read the thinning article by Darin

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Don't put Future Floor Finish directly into Apple Barrel and Delta paints...it makes them smell like rotten milk after about a month... :wacko:

:blink: oh-no....


thats not good to hear....


frankthedm gets gas mask and tries to remember which of his 50 craft paints he did that to.


Oh wait i did that with the anita's extender.




What i learned


Try out all 'suggestions' you hear on a test mini / object. The 'use dish soap to break surface tension' left me with a roper with runny black ink if it gets remoistened.

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Don't try to blackline AFTER finishing all the highlighting and shading of the skin.


Don't paint the eyes last. (every time I do I make a complete mess of them AND the skin around them)


Don't say "I can't do that" and then never try something you thought looked cool!


Do use to learn a larger brush with a good sharp point for doing all work.


Do use to learn thinned paints.


Do try new things all the time, if they work FANTASTIC! If they don't, ohhh well you learned not to do that again didn't you!! LOL

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Do: Clean your brushes EXTREMELY well, multiple times, after using metallic paints, especially if you plan on using that brush to apply a wash/glaze.


Do: Stick to what works for you. I paint eyes last, and it works fine for me, so there is no need to do them any other way.


Do: Always push yourself to learn new things, even if the outcome isn't perfect or satisfactory.


Don't: Paint flesh using pure GW "Bronzed Flesh" <_<


Don't: Underthin your paints. It's always easier to add another layer of over-thinned paint, than to strip chunky underthinned paint off a mini.



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I agree with Frank. Use whatever primer suits your needs, even if it's in technicolor.


DO NOT seal your minis at a level higher than ground level or over a bed of dirt and spider webs or at night without good illumination.


DO NOT use Testor's high gloss model paints for cars. While they will work... they're nasty. Really nasty. Plus they aren't water based and are a pain to clean up. They also don't thin well.


Don't use spices to base your minis unless you're certain they are well sealed against ants.


Don't leave your paints in a hot car during the summer months.


Don't work with superglue (or equivalent) without having some superglue remover on hand.


Don't use the same rinse water for metallics as you do for normal paints. You'll get metal flakes in your skin tones.


Don't forget to check, recheck, and double recheck for mold and flash lines.


Don't let unapproved people handle your contest entry.

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Don't use the same rinse water for metallics as you do for normal paints. You'll get metal flakes in your skin tones.

Oh I was just going to post this one ! totally agree. following on:



Do have a separate set of brushes set aside just for metallics.


Don't keep your spray can primers near your sealers.

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