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Dreadmere Faction Colors?


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On 11/23/2019 at 8:37 AM, nonzerovalue said:

Hi, my apologies if this is not the correct forum for this question, and for asking it again in case it has been asked before (though I didn't find anything similar).


Is there any "canonical" info with respect to general color schemes for the various Dreadmere factions?






Yes, actually. The ReaperCon guide that gets handed out has colors listed associated with the factions:


2018 ReaperCon guide:

Bloodwolves = Scarlet, gold, and black

River Widows = Black, crimson, and silver

Maggotcrown = Purple, gray, icory (misspelled; was ivory in 2017)

Duskwardens = Black, russet, and gray


2019 ReaperCon guide adds:

Hand of Light = Gray, yellow, and dark green


2017 ReaperCon guide:

Bonehenge = Ivory, gray, green, and brown


2015 was SciFi


2016 was Horror, but still had so no Dreadmere then had this info:

Cthon = Bright green, black, amber, crimson


That's all five of the guides I have. The 2017 had a "Return to Dreadmere" so maybe there's another guide out there.

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Added Cthon from 2016's guide; tip o' the hat to nakos
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