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Altar of the Damned by GLITTERWOLF


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41 minutes ago, Venun said:

Looks great! :D I really wonder what your display area looks like with all your different diorama's xD


Some of it is in a display case.

The largest stuff is in the garage though.

We're in the process of househunting, if that works out, I might get a dedicated hobby room.

Then I will have more display.

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On 11/26/2019 at 2:24 PM, Venun said:

Awesome!! I hope you find your dreamhouse with plenty of hobby space =) 


It seems I did!

If the finances are approved we have bought a house!


14 hours ago, vegascat said:

This whole diorama is really just too cool and very well executed.  The priestess is probably my favorite part!


Thx buddy!

She was fun to paint but I had to fix that skull on her staff four times, it kept breaking off...

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