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77051 Orc Stalker (Two Weapons)

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    • By Kev!
        More 1st Bones KS goodness...

      Look close,
    • By Kev!
        Been working on these beginning at ReaperCon...

      Because fiendgip is mashic!
      Thanks for looking,
    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      Was cataloging my Reaper paints the other day and noticed I had a bottle of Green Black.  I couldn't remember using it for anything (or even when I got it) but I liked the look of the colour and thought it might work well for some Orcs, which is would also be a good excuse to get back into painting some fantasy stuff.  So I grabbed a handful out of the big bin of Bones Orc goodness and away we go.

      I plan to put gaming bases on do the broccoli got lopped off.  This actually slowed me down a couple of days as I snapped what turned out to be my last #11 cutting Kavorgh's base, and it took a couple of days to get over to the mall to get more.  

      And with a coat of Grey Liner.  The little guy was my test of Green Black over Black Primer to see how it looked.
    • By JDizzO
      I have to admit I like these orcs quite a bit now that they are painted.  They painted up quick and easy.  They are more shiny here than in person, but maybe I will use this as an excuse to use some of the matte sealer I got in my last order.  They will do nicely for D&D, at least until my Shield Wolf Orcs get here 
      77056: Orc Sniper x2

      77042: Orc Marauder

      77059: Orc Berserker

      77051: Orc Stalker

      77064: Kavorgh, Orc Warboss

    • By sirgourls
      Painted up some mooks for tabletop use. It's been awhile since I painted anything this size. I did Ebonwrath recently, but painting a dragon is a little different than smaller minis. Who knew? Anyway, these guys helped me get some practice and back into the swing of things.

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