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Disciple of Sakura

Bones 3 Orc Warband

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The miscast of Bones faces works in this case.


Nice work on all of them.

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    • By Darcstaar
      Here is my Callie.
      I painted her as a second WIP for my BONES 1 attempts.
      I really like the sculpt.  I painted her as a half-orc or orc.  She has some freckles, nice green gems, and some ivy freehand on the cloak.
      Here is a link to the WIP.
      C&C Welcome.

    • By Maglok
      Another villager from me. :) This is a 03856 Townsfolk: Courtesan
      Got this one done at a painting day in about 3 hours of work, but interrupted by cups of tea. :)
    • By cdorf
      I have posted this elsewhere on the web, but thought that I would share here as it might help with motivating others.  To start with a bit of background:
      2019 saw a lot of changes in my life.  After living away from my home for nearly a year for work, I was promoted and able to move back home.  It took a while to unpack, and as we neared the finish line, my wife and I learned that we would become a family of 3 in March of 2020.  Once again, the house was thrown into chaos as the house was rearranged.  My new job kept me busy with travel, and I spent a lot of time on the road.  This fall, I was finally able to undergo a much needed but often delayed surgery.  During the recovery, we had new windows installed.  This forced me to pack up my painting desk as it was located under a window. And It almost stayed packed up for good.   Since I started painting, I have never had a year as unproductive as 2019.  How many models did I complete? 6.  Everything going on in my life made it difficult to find the time or energy.  Painting is what I do to relax, and I have found it beneficial to my mental health.  I feel so much better after spending time painting.  The fact that I could not find the time to paint and had to pack up my set up for a 2nd time that year was frustrating, and I found myself rage quitting the hobby.  I packed everything up and had no intention of painting for the foreseeable future.    So what changed?  While visiting over Christmas Break, my nephew asked if he could come over and paint with me.  He is 13 years old, and for the most part, other family members have forced their interests on him.  When he was 8, he took an interest in painting after seeing my work on several models.  I have given him models from time to time and have tried to encourage his enthusiasm, but as he has gotten older, he no longer paints.  But this year he wanted to, and we had a great time.  And I decided that I need to get back into the habit of painting.   My Nephew's work:   So I have re-stablished my painting table.  I found all of the projects that I started over the past year, but did not finish and packed away.  The goal of this project is to re-establish my painting habits and complete the plethora of unfinished figures.    
      I started last night by picking out two of the miniatures that I thought would be good starting pieces.  Reaper Miniatures Hill Troll (02421) and Brother Hammond (44007).  I started the Hill Troll while painting with my Nephew, and I like how it is turning out so far.  The metal is close to done, and everything else is a rough base coat.  I have just put a basecoat on Brother Hammond as I did not have time to do much more than that.  It is not much, but it is a start, and that is all that matters.

    • By Citrine
      This is the wolf from the bones animal companions set (77216).  Googled a bunch of wolf photos and then the wolfie painted up really quick.  Might put some plants on the base later.

    • By Doug Sundseth
      A nasty-looking fellow that looks entirely interested in carving off bits of your anatomy.

      I'm reasonably happy with his face and I think the color scheme works fairly well. Pretty much intended as a tabletop figure, he was quite a bit of fun to paint.
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