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Faces on the Wall... or in the Windows


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9 hours ago, Corsair said:

Al, you always continue to bring a loony smile to my day! Thanks!


Thanks, Corsair! I am happy I made you smile...that does make my day.


23 minutes ago, aku-chan said:

I love the middle face, he looks extra creepy for some reason.


...it could be the eyes or the evil grin or a combination of the two, but he brings sleazy to a new level of creepiness.

Thanks for the reply, aku-chan. I am delighted you like the stuff.

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47 minutes ago, Rigel said:

I'm getting a vibe that's about half Rankin-Bass, half The Green Man. Love it!


Rankin/Bass would be purely accidental; re, I have no idea what their stuff looks like...I am not really very current.

I am delighted, however, that you like the Guys, Rigel. Thanks for the reply!

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15 hours ago, Warlady said:

I just caught this thread, too - these are amazing!  Such character and expression!  Between these and your mushroom guys, your house must be very interesting.


...I rarely get visitors, but it is an interesting room, now that you mention it.

Thanks, Warlady. I am happy you like the Faces & other stuff.

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