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Reaper KS3 Graveyard with Secret Weapon Miniature's Stone Wash

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Secret Weapon Miniature's Black Friday sale just started today, so I figured I'd post a WIP of the Reaper KS3 Graveyard set with the SWM Stone wash. Essentially, I painted the figures with gray craft paint, followed by the wash. I think the wash is best for underground dungeon terrain, but it also works for dark unloved graveyards. This is one of the projects I did during the post-Bones "Quantity over Quality" challenge over the last month. I figured I painted 150+ terrain bits. A wash definitely helped, and I can always highlight later if I want. The last photo is from the long-OOP Itar's Workshop KS. :zombie:











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Those are very satisfying results for such a simple recipe.


It now makes me curious to see what sort of results you'd get with other base coats colours + stone wash.


Darnit, I want some igneous rocks!

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