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I got this guy from this kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/550360615/miniature-paints-liquid-acrylics-from-rpe/description and decided to use him to represent my necromancer in the dungeon crawl I'm playing in. These minis from that kickstarter all had really amazing detail, and yet still had very clean sculpts and casts... except for this guy. I hadn't looked that close at this specific mini because the others that caught my eye were so clean. When I finally settled on this guy, I realized that there were some funky textures on the metal that looked like maybe the putty that was used for the arm joining the torso was pretty goopy. Also, the mold lines were really pronounced, and in spots, the mold lines didn't quite match up. Not a big deal because I'm so happy with the other figs in this Kickstarter, and all it really meant was I just had to spend a bit more time cleaning it up.


Once that was done to my satisfaction, I primed him with Rust-Oleum gray rattle-can primer. (No airbrush yet, and this method works well enough for now) I then used a combination of various Reaper, Vallejo, and Cuttlefish paints. I finished it off with a RPE brush-on varnish once or was all dry.


The base is fine sand, tree bark bits and pva glue. This is my first time ever basing one of my miniatures, and I'm quite satisfied with how it turned out, as well as how durable and resilient it is. I'm definitely looking forward to exploring this part of the hobby in the future as well. If you look real close, you can also see my clumsy first ever attempt at some free hand on the back of the cobra's hood. 


All in all, I really love how this mini turned out. I decided to spend a little bit more time than normal on the highlight transitions to try and make those a bit more smooth than normal. I just wanted to see how far I could take it before I got tired of it. I had a lot of fun painting him and learned a lot with some new techniques as well.





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5 minutes ago, Clearman said:

Did you get any of the paint from that Kickstarter?  Curious minds and all...

Yes I did. I haven't had a chance to play with them too much. I did use one of the browns on some of the books that I made for dungeon scatter,  and they seem to be a viscosity somewhere between a Vallejo brown and a Reaper brown of similar tones. Not a very good test, but enough to tell I didn't regret my purchase. I look forward to experimenting with these some more in the future. 


The pots that they came in however or a little unwieldy to use, I always end up dumping much more paint out than I mean to. I might need to invest in some empty dropper bottles. 

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