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The Urgathoan Fly (Giant Rubber Critters)

Dr Boom

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So . . . my Carrion Crown players have almost caught up with my ability to have miniatures prepared. They're about to descend into the crypts below Renchurch Abbey and one ill-timed left turn and they'll discover that mysterious region of the dungeon the GM hasn't painted yet. I should get a wriggle on then.


The Urgathoan Fly is a variant iron golem which turns up in the Renchurch Catacombs in the final part of the Carrion Crown adventure path for Pathfinder ("Shadows of Gallowspire"). It is essentially depicted as a huge metal fly with a furnace inside. I originally purchased a GW foetid bloat drone to play the part, however I found a bag of giant rubber critters in a toy store which had a blowfly of about the right size and level of detail (the bag also has a large mantis which may see service as an avatar of Achaekek some day). The fly, with pins already inserted can be found below:




My next task with it is to trawl through my bits box to find some chimneys, vents and grills to give it a suitably steampunky feel


In the meantime, I've made up a scenic base using a 130mm GW base, the Bones Graveyard Entryway and way too much green stuff. I've had a go at modelling in stonework to show the unholy symbol of Urgathoa. Not my tidiest work, but I figure most of it will be hidden under the fly anyway. My plan is to have the fly clambering between two columns like it has just squeezed through the archway. Base is shown below, with columns still to come:




I'll keep you posted . . .

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A productive afternoon while some much needed rain storms rolled across the landscape.

Firstly, the base with some columns added. The bases of the columns are some upended wooden doll’s house food bowls I found in a dollar store, while the columns themselves are some grooved carpentry dowels.




And then there’s the fly itself. I’ve removed the wings temporarily to make assembly and painting a bit easier. The fly is depicted in the published adventure art as being a huge black beast with a grate between the eyes and spines down the back. A gout of flame and smoke emerges from the grate, so I’ve tried to retain the idea of this being a construct powered by unholy fire. The grate on the model is sourced from a GW tank of some description (probably a rhino), while the column of flame I think came from a GW Hellpit Abomination. The armour plates and blades on the back came from either a GW Soul Grinder or a Defiler. The skulls on spikes are from various GW chaos bits, while the (hard to see) smoke stack is some plastic tube with holes drilled in it and a skull weapon add-on from the Bones 3 evil weapons sprue.



A view of the back showing the armour plates in a little better detail. The top of the abdomen was looking a little bare, so I threw in a spare bit from the 03126 Ghoul Queen and Servants.




Finally, a look at the underside. Spiracles cut from plastic tube and flame effects made using GW chaos topknots and tassels. The invertebrate zoologist in me cringes when I see the spiracles not centrally placed in the abdominal segments, however they look more aesthetically pleasing this way. Never realised the Whispering Way outsourced the construction of their golem offshore.




The more that I look at it, while I’ll be painting it with flames emerging, the “stalk” on the head and “fluffy stuff” emerging from the spiracles is more than reminiscent of some entomaphagous fungi like Cordyceps. Maybe a look I’ll try if I ever use some of the other giant bugs as unwilling servants of the Darkreach fungus queen.


Once the glue has dried I’ll get in and fill in some of the gaps with the green stuff and possibly sculpt some flames and smoke for the smoke stack (I ran out of tassels).


Until next time . . .

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Holidays have arrived and I finally have the opportunity to finish this beast. Firstly, the base. Grey stone is washed with Basilicanum Grey and dry brushed with Ulthuan Grey. Unholy symbol of Urgathoan washed with Skeleton Horde and drybrushed with Ushabti Bone. 




Next up . . . the fly sprayed with some Tamiya Light gun metal



Skipped a few steps here, but I washed the fly with a coat of Black Templar, drybrushed with some Leadbelcher, followed by some Auric Armour Gold and then washed over with Seraphim Sepia and Waywatcher Green. The armopur plates were painted with Castellan Green and edge highlighted with Deathguard Green. Rust Effects with Mournfang Brown and Skrag Brown. Flame effects were painted Wraithbone and shaded with Casandora Yellow. I tried for a grill effect for the compound eyes with spots of Evil Suns Scarlet, Troll Slayer Orange and Flash Gits Yellow.


Flame effects finished with layers of Yiriel Yellow, Troll Slayer Orange, Evil Suns Scarlet and Abaddon Black. I tried for some ember effects using the same technique as the compound eyes. Wings reattached (with a lot of stuffing about). Sprayed with Corax White, then glazed with Waywatcher Green followed by Nighthaunt Gloom and a drybrush of Ulthuan Grey. Veins done with Black Temnplar. I've also started on the OSL here.UrgathoanFlyWIP12.thumb.jpg.e91ac83a7bc1b4d5593b72fd0ae5a02f.jpg

Alternate RHS shot:


I was trying for a metallic green or blue like you see with some Calliphorid flies and I wasn't really impressed with my results. However the OSL manages to cover a myriad of faults and I'm reasonably happy with how it turned out for tabletop use. Final photos are below:





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