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Car Wars Sixth Edition

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The $470,000 stretch goal has been unlocked, adding the Car Wars Linked Weapons Pack to the Double Ace rewards package. This set of cards -- two of each weapon in each of the four player colors -- expands your design options and adds more firepower to the game!



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Also, 7K away from three additional road tiles! 



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1K away from adding three road tiles to the $30 road tile add-on (included in $140 pledge).


"Steve and Ben spent quite a bit of time this week making edits to Playmat #1, Playmat #2, and (the not yet unlocked) Playmat #3. Their tweaks to the designs were with a single goal: Increase the number of ways in which the playmats may combine to create larger playscapes." https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sjgames/car-wars-sixth-edition-by-steve-jackson-games/posts/2709710



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Good news: Core set has two additional miniatures and will still be $75 through the KS!


Bad news: "An important note. Now that two more cars have been added to the core game (a total of ten car minis in the box), the post-KS price has been adjusted (up). Kickstarter backers are paying $75; the post-KS price is $115 for the core game."


Bell of Lost Souls interview with Randy from SJG on Car Wars : https://www.facebook.com/belloflostsouls/videos/2507731076213515/


New add-on unlocked. Miniature sets 2 and 4 are not included in any pledge levels.





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Playmat #3 unlocked and free for $140 backers!

Playmat #2 available as a $40 add-on.



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NOTE: If you're at the $139 or the $145 reward level, you can skip this special offer from Uncle Al.


Uncle Al is ready for the New Year with a special offer: The $146 reward level is for those of you who missed out on the Black Friday reward and are looking for a lot of goodies at an incredible price. This is the basic $140 reward + the Black Friday bonus item (Uncle Al's Upgrade Pack) and is for everyone at the $74, $75, and $140 reward levels who have asked: How can I get the Black Friday bonus?


Hurry, gang! This offer expires on January 2 at 5 pm central. 

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