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Scott's Combined WiP Thread - 2020

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So, let's get this show on the road, shall we. 

I have been... remiss... in actually documenting the painting I've been doing. Partially because this has mostly been utter speed painting of the "get paint on Bonesium so it doesn't all look the same from six feet away" variety, partly various other reasons. 


But today is Paintsgiving (my parents live in Texas. I do not. Hence...). So I have a little time. And some projects I want to get completed before Sunday (the next session of the high-level D&D5e game I play in - we're talking high level here, folks. The party currently includes a Chosen of Tymora, a halfling wizard whose next goal after we're done with this is to overthrow the Maharajah of the City of Brass, and become a Demigod of Fire... etc.) - currently our endgame for this story arc is shanking Lolth (or "she who will not be named" because we're not interested in drowing (drawing, but I liked the typo, so I left it...) her attention) and freeing the dark elven people from her bullcrap. 


So, the first set of "finish these" are - 


Deena Halentyr, Chosen of Tymora - Solar aspect




Deena Halentyr, Chosen of Tymora and her Sixth Dagger (one of Tymora's secret agents), and default leader of the band of adventurers known as Calculated Risk ("Our opponents have always taken a risk that was calculated... but they have also always been bad at math". Human, but currently taking on the aspect of one of Tymora's Solars (with her permission, and the help of a True Polymorph).


Solars are supposed to be Large, but none of the minis I looked at really fit the bill besides the Angel of Shadow (especially not the Bones Solar, which is a pretty cool mini... but is about the beariest Bear that ever beared... and Deena is definitely not that. In fact pretty much the opposite - Deena is the femmiest Femme that ever looked at another woman and said "she's really cute."


So, colors - Blues and silver were pretty much required - first, I love them, second, Tymora's colors run to blues and silvers, and third, Deena had already been noted (manymany sessions ago) as preferring them even before she took up Fortune's Coin. Her wings are (very) roughly based on the lipstick lesbian pride flag - but I stuck to only three colors (a dark red, a dark pink/rose, and a light pink/white) because with six the wings would be too busy, and the numbering doesn't match up - whereas with three, the wings start at the tips with red, and end at the base with red. Her skin will be a dark tan, her boots will probably be chocolate with some bright lacing, and the lantern will probably be my first half-serious attempt at some OSL. The rest of her wings will be some shades of blue - likely starting darker at the top and working my way down. Her eyes are heterochromatic, and she's a Higher Being (right now), so one will be bright green (solid) and the other bright blue (same). Hair got roughly blocked in with red ink, which should give everyone an idea of what her hair color is... ::D:


I'm unsure what to do with shading for her - I don't want to just use one of the Army Painter quickshades, or something from GW, because I'm concerned it will draw the color down too far (and then I'll have to spend too much time bringing it back up again - which, honestly, is work I always hate (re-)doing - "I already painted this once, and now I have to redo it?!?!") I'm considering using one of the red inks I have (Army Painter red tone, or Reaper Red Liner/ink) but I'm not sure how well that would work? 





Deena's Familiar/Patronus/best friend, Bastia. She's a Tressym (theoretically - she's actually a Spirit of Tymora, but everyone mostly ignores this fact because she's adorable and cute and very much the epitome of "what if a cat had wings and an IQ of 110?"). Stones will be stonelike. Her body will probably be a sort of dark-grey-ish color, with slightly darker in the wing membranes, and a lighter shade on the ruffs in her fur. Like Deena's eyes, hers are heterochromatic - blue and green. 





Did we mention that one of Bastia's powers is she can get bigger? She can get bigger, and spoopier. The miniature is Ral Partha (now produced by Iron Wind Metals) Winged Panther. I'm likely to use Reaper's glorious Nightmare Black for her (I will be so sad when I run out of this) - a dark grey for the inside of her ears, something like silver for her claws (her attacks are magical in this form), and, again, blue and green eyes. If I was feeling really inspired (and had more time), I'd try and do a starscape effect on her wings, but, I'd rather learn something like that on minis I don't care about...





Garrius is a Triton Paladin! He is Very Loud and Forthright, and sometimes Not Very Bright, because INT was his dump stat! He has No Fashion Sense Whatsoever! Deena is very fond of Garrius, even if he's a blooming idiot, because he's a very honest blooming idiot who is actually fairly self-aware (low INT, decent WIS). This... is not my finest work, at all. I'm painting directly onto Bonesium because that's how the player started with him, and I didn't want to strip off all of his work and start over, but I also wanted the mini to actually have paint on it - so this is sort of a mercy painting. "Has no fashion sense whatsoever" and "has lots and lots of money, and not much idea what to do with it" sort of runs the show, here - Garrius is bright and bold and clashing, and has made a lot of clothiers very wealthy with his gullibility...





Iron Trumpet wants to be immortal, and wants to be a god. For someone who is as smart as he is, he sometimes needs to be reminded that the latter mostly encompasses the former (as much as one can in the Forgotten Realms). He's not evil... per se... but to a degree this is only because he hangs around with (and is slightly scared of) Deena, who has tried very hard to keep him (and most of the rest of Calculated Risk, who lean in the main towards  self-interested/not quite Dark Side in alignment... :wacko::rolleyes:) on, if not the straight (yeah, right...) and narrow, at least targeted at people where if they end up dead, it makes the world a better place (so, red wizards, evil giants and dragons, evil ifrit lords, Lolthite priestesses, and the like). Iron's mini was a combination of "Iron needs a mini" and "hey, that one is kinda cool, and fiery halflings... who does this remind me of" - the sculpt is neat, the priming on this one actually wasn't bad. 

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5 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Nice group!



Thanks! Deena, Iron, and Garrius are only a small part (numbers-wise) of Calculated Risk - The whole crew runs out to... Fifteen? (not counting auxiliaries°) in total, with about twelve players, although we rarely/never get everyone together at the same time (I think it's happened once, in over two years of playing) - we got started as an Adventurer's League table, and split off about a year ago. 


Evening updates!


Deena's boots are Dryad Bark (GW). Skin is Suntan Flesh with just a smidge of Sunburned Flesh (both Reaper). Beeg Kitty is Nightmare Black skin, with Coal Black on the wing membranes (Reaper, again). Smol Kitty is 1:1 Mountain Grey and Coated Armor (Reeeepurrrr...). Need to do a little cleanup on Smol and Beeg to finish up their base coating. Leathers on Iron Trumpet and Garrius tomorrow, and I need to figure out what to do with the laces on Deena's very cool boots. 


°with henchmen, hirelings, employees, and significant others... well, we figure we can almost certainly take out any one of the Great Houses of Menzoberranzan, including Baenre, in a fair 1v1 fight army-to-army - not that we, or they, ever would fight fair...).

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Everybody gather--gather together, we’re going to have a group shot! Oh yes! Oh, it's going to be a lovely night...


(The beholder photobombed the shoot - it has nothing to do with using his eyes to use up paints, not at all...)




Deena (and the Tressym's) eyes are LED Blue and Catseye Green (naturally), both from Reaper. I need to hit both of them up again with another coat. They're solid eyes in part because I stink at doing eyeballs smaller than those of, well, a Beholder... and in part because, especially in her Solar form, Deena is more magical creature than mortal, at this point. Deena's laces ended up being Cactus Rose (Reaper) another limited edition paint I will dreadfully miss when I'm out of it. Her choker is Sparkling Blue - which I might use for the trim on the dress as well? Not sure. I think the not-buckles on her boots will end up silver with a little blue in them - or maybe Gunmetal Blue with a little silver (and then drybrush them with mithril or something). 







Both of these two still need some cleanup - in particular, looks like the membranes on Lorge need some more coal black, and maybe a little nightmare black on the "fingers" of the wings, and smol needs an overall cleanup. Then Smol gets some shading, and Lorge some highlighting - Lorge Bastia is already dark enough as it is, so I'm going to drybrush her with some dark blue or purple (undecided) to draw out some of the detail and structure a little. I also still need to find a color for her ears....



Garius loves his Belt! It holds his armor up! It only coincidentally matches his breechclout, because he bought them from different merchants! I need to do another pass on the yellow and orange... whatever those ares - hanging off his pauldrons, and maybe another coat of brown on the scabbard - then off to do his pouches and greaves and what not. The belt is turquoise whatever, the copper is, uhhh... Dragon Copper (same as the hilt of Deena's sword?), and the frog for his sword is Dryad Brown (since i had it out to do some touch-up on Deena's boots). 

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Ever have one of those days where it doesn't seem like you got a lot done, yet everything seems to be coming together? 



Yeah, that was my Sunday. 




First pass on Deena is mostly done at this point - I'll be going over to do some touch-up on some sports, but other than that, she gets sealed and moved on to the next step. Her chemise and the trim on her skirt is Mechanicum Grey (GW - unless mentioned otherwise, presume these are Air formulations - my FLGS cleared out a bunch of them, and I took gleeful advantage, since they need barely any thinning at all), her buckles on her boots ended up being True Silver (Reaper), and the lantern got a basic Candlelight Yellow (Reaper). I'm not super-enthused with the grey, but I didn't want to leave it just the primed color (which actually looked pretty good, I thought). I need to do something with the base, and contemplate what I'm going to do for basing - I want to put her on a Large base (because technically, on the battlefield she is), but don't want it to just be a plain old base. 





Deena when she isn't being a super-charged extraplanar servant of Tymora... Did some cleanup on her - need to do another pass on her. I'm not satisfied with how the Contrast (Snakebite Leather) came out on her boots, so I think I'll just redo them the old-fashioned way. I need to do another pass on the pants, darken up the purple - fortunately, it's the same color as Nova's skin, so.... Also, the cobblestones on the base, and the chest need to get painted. 





Deena's sometimes-paramour Nova - a Storm Giantess who has figured out that the Small Folk have a lot to offer. I really like how the contrast paint (Skeleton Horde) worked on her breeches here - need to call out the stitching with another color (bright red?) Her face needs another pass, and maybe some of her arms. The hair (also Contrast) came out... okay? 





These two are already sealed, waiting for wash and highlighting - they're basically table-ready now (although I see a couple of spots that need cleanup... :-/ )





Garius didn't get a lot done - I think he's the first project after I get home, is to get him to "ready for sealing" status. 

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