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B Co 1/33 Armored

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Bravo 66 to all elements this net,


The Drow returns!


So after a long hiatus, and battle with personal problems, I have picked up my brushes, Sable and Air, again...


Starting off with something rather simple, an armored task force for the Game Team Yankee, a WW III TABLETOP game(in 15mm scale), that if the war scenario in the game, and book by the same title, the members fighting in that fictional war would have included yours truly, as I was an M1 Abrams tank crewman in Germany on August 4, 1985...


So the first group is of afore mentioned M1s, after assembly and priming, they were base coated with Tamiya XF-67 NATO Green, using my Grex Genesis airbrush.

Next was to add the Black part of the NATO 3 color camouflage. This was done with my Iwata HP-SB Plus.


The tracks and road wheel rims were then done with Vallejo German Black, and the end connectors on the tracks with a mix of GW Boltgun metal, and Secret Weapon Brown and Orange rusts. This was done with a Ro&Co size 2 brush.

(thanks to all those that turned me on to Ro&Co!)








Sorry for the blurry turret pics, but the gun threw things off, and I haven't done this for over a year...


Not much but it is a new start...


I did a complete force for a friend in 2016, the WIP can be found here


Thanks for looking! 


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No pics, but everything got washed with mt Tomwise sauce...

(A mix of Didi's Black Magic ink, Future , and water equal ratio)


Pics after something more substantial gets done

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Painting the machine guns and making stowage so that I can continue....


Facebook is such a time drain....


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5 hours ago, knarthex said:

Facebook is such a time drain....

Only when you login to it...  <_<

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I have been grinding away at these, and they are almost there.....






This tank represents 5 others as well, didn't see a need to take pics of each one, as thry are all pretty much the same...


And shots of the TC )Tank Commander) sprue



I have 3 of these sprues ging....


Thanks for having a look!


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