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Super Gift Fight II Turbo Championship Edition!(Dec Hobby Goals)

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For December:


-- finish some of the semi painted figs on the paint table currently

-- photo, post and store Nov paint binge figures

-- Secret Sophie

-- relaxed christmas/new year holiday paint binge (ie, repeat #1 above)



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Finish the two mini's I was supposed to finish before December started

1. Eyebeast

2. Dark Iron Dwarf Pounder


Christmas Ones (to be done before the big day)

1. Wrapping Dragon

2. Present Hoarding Dragon

3. Father Christmas


The partway through and I'm sick of it and want it off my desk mini's

1. Fix up the basing on the diseased rats (they are done, just need to be based properly)

2. Twin Sorcerers - One Red, One Green

3. Were-crocodile

4. Baron Blacktree

5. Studious Sophie

6. Chibi Paladin

7. Half Orc Mage

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