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PEG : The Goon Miniatures

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Pinnacle Entertainment Group ran a KS for The Goon Comic RPG. Included in the KS were eight metal miniatures. Despite the unique setting of "zombie noir", some of the miniatures can be used in other genres. I'll be painting the miniatures, starting with Merle the Werewolf. Obviously, he can be used as a generic werewolf, although his eyes are white, not the usual red I use. Bases were made from the OOP Happy Seppuku narrow wooden plank texture stamp, and miniatures pinned with the Army Painter hand drill. With extra paint, I painted some very old Grenadier werewolves, and an Against the Dark demon (looks more like a minotaur to me). Last pic doesn't include the ochre Skeleton Bone, which I used to lighten the browns to add contrast.


Merle looks a little sad in that last pic, although that's appropriate for his character in The Goon...









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Here's Dr. Hieronymous Alloy! Gold is a pain to paint. Shoulda just used Reaper's NMM Gold Set in the first place, instead of painting his head three times. <_<


Blacklining by Army Painter's black Dark Tone Ink. Saved an incredible amount of time vs. black paint.





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I just found out that PEG started a sale last week. Perfect excuse to post some pics! 


These miniatures were first primed with a color primer, then washed with an Army Painter Ink, followed by a Reaper skin tone. I noticed different "filters" on the comic book character drawings (eg. The Goon's skin would sometimes be ochre, sometimes a hue of gray), so chose a skin tone suchthat I could use also the miniature as a generic miniature. Washes reduced the amount of time I needed for painting, and I highly recommend them for advanced tabletop.











More pics as I paint them! Should have something next week! ::):


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Okay, finished them up! 


The cauldron is from Johnny Lauck's OOP Dungeon Decor KS. By making the base and putting the miniature towards the back, I had enough room to add the cauldron. 












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RPG.net review of the miniatures up, with a painting tutorial has been posted! : https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/18/18478.phtml

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      From a good Reaper Bones to a a brazilian werewolf (call Lobisomem) from the amazonian mythology for my Of God and Mortals Army (see this topic on the LAF here) 

      a very simple one, as the werewolf has no tail. Only a swap 's head and the job is done .
      Just a good head choice with a WH40k wolf



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      "Even the man who says his prayers / Before going to bed at night /
      May turn to WOLF when the wolfsbane blooms / and the moon is high and bright." --Apocryphal rhyme

      DOCTOR. A very pestilent disease, my lord,
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      In those that are possess'd with 't there o'erflows
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       --The Duchess of Malfi

      Body horror, puberty, loss of control, loved ones acting out of character, cannibalism, madness, things more savage and bloodthirsty than we thought man or beast could be--it's a rich vein of horror. The further back you go, the more blurred the distinction between vampire and werewolf and witch becomes, but as a general rule what we now consider to be vampires are specifically betrayers of hospitality and home; like de Rais and Bathory, they commit their crimes behind closed doors. Werewolves, on the other hand, are given to savagery outdoors, in the lanes, under the moonlight, in the moors and lonesome places.

      It is appropriate then, that Julie Guthrie's werewolf 02139, is named DuChamps--of the fields. Here he is, in form much more wolf than man.

      These two pictures are behind the Spoilers tab because, while Julie did not necessarily have to sculpt Jean-Paul's werescrote and transmogrified lycanthrodong, she did that. She did that for us, because she's a PROFESSIONAL and doesn't take shortcuts. I don't think it rises to indecency, but better safe. Will delete and link if the need arises.

      Next up. the truly monstrous Werewolf, 77009. Those familiar with the role-playing game "Werewolf!" from White Wolf will recognize this as a Crinos form. Enormous, savage, horrific. This is about a 50/50 mix of Man and Wolf, but with the features dialed up to 11. I had fun painting hair on the smoother human limbs.

      And lastly, a Nolzur's werewolf I had on the Shelf of Shame. This one is mostly human but with a wolf's head and claws. 

      A note on the full moon: it's just a Nolzur's disc base painted white and poked with paintbrush ends of varying sizes during the drying phase to simulate craters. I may have to do some more of this with discs of different sizes and colors for Spacefuture shots, because multiple moons convey Other Worlds the way zeppelins convey Alternate Histories.
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      One of my favorite Fantasy races are the Undead, followed by Chaos and Reptilians.
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      This thread will be filled with my beloved Gothic Undead, Demons, Monsters and all things that go bump in the night.
      In my Lost World Project I tell an ongoing story, here I will post about all other dark things without coherency.
      There might be snippets of loose stories to accompany a mini or not...
      I hope you guys and gals and creatures will like it.
      Let's kick off with the critters I painted a while ago to get a feel of what is coming.
      Enjoy! ( or not)
      Bats and a Murder of Crows
      EDIT: I will include some Bones and minis. The bulk will be metal and I want to give this an oldschool vibe.
      Preferred minis will be, Reaper, Grenadier, Ral Partha, Rafm, Metal Magic, Otherworld and Early Citadel.
      The Asian Undead will be from Zenith since I backed the Kensei Undead Samurai KS and will get their own thread.
      Changed the name of the Project.


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      I was told we needed all these lycanthropes for our home brew D&D game...
      Weve been using the mouslings as wererats. 
      This project has spanned about five or six months. There are a couple more but because they’re ladies whose clothes fell off in transformation- they aren’t pictured. 
      So here they are: 

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