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Army of the Great Pumpkin

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Wood putty has been obtained...


There was a bit of warpage on the board, but I'm not too worried about it. However the fact it took two containers of wood putty to fully cover it has me concerned that this isn't going to be cost effective for much longer. Each time I've bought putty the last few years, the containers are getting smaller while the price remains the same. Not an issue when dealing with my usual basing needs, but for terrain projects I may need to find another method.


The cemetery after a drybrushing of Cloudy Grey and a slathering of Agrax Earthshade. 

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More fun with spray paint this morning...


There has been more warping on the board, but so be it. Put down a coat of brown spray paint so that I'm not killing off entire bottles of paint later on. The shelf next to it is also intended for mini display.


The plaster Halloween decorations I bought last year have been base coated. Detail is needed on the owl and the stem, but hopefully the runniness of the craft paints will be less of an issue.

3 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

I'm especially liking that old GW cemetery. 

I'm honestly kind of surprised that it's a GW product the more I work on it. Not over run with skulls, detailed but not overly so, and more or less grounded. Shows how their design has changed since the early 2000s.

After this, I need to finish the Reaper graveyard expansion box, I've already done the gravestones, but haven't started on the crypt yet. I'm thinking of replacing the front stone spike with one of the Harrow Shrines, but I need to do some measuring first, and then figure how I'm going to go about doing the board for it. I have thicker insulation foam, but not a foam cutter, and with the way the wood putty doesn't last long on board sized projects...I'll figure something out. 

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Finally got back to the desk...


Gave the board a thick overbrushing of Coffee Bean craft paint.


Which turned out to be a very close match to the Agrax/Steel Legion Drab on the bases. Once the flock is on it should blend perfectly.


Drybrushed Rainy Grey on the walls, left the path and stairs as they were.


Subtle contrast so far, but after the next drybrushing with Misty Grey to the walls, then washes it should deepen a bit. 


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Began flocking the board...


...and attending to the cemetery details...


Nightfall craft paint on the roof, and Rotting Wood on the door and frame.


Rotting Wood on the coffins, and Pavement Grey on the loose bricks in the wall gap.


The rocks were based in Shadowed Stone.


More loose bricks. 

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I like the drawing you did and excellent progress on the project. I am really liking the ghoul queen.


On 3/6/2022 at 1:05 PM, Lord of the Dish Pit said:


I'm honestly kind of surprised that it's a GW product the more I work on it. Not over run with skulls, detailed but not overly so, and more or less grounded. Shows how their design has changed since the early 2000s.

So true.  I have a GW cemetery set from the early 2010’s that has skulls galore. I like your version better as it seems more eerie rather than over the top gore. Now I need to dig that set out and use you as inspiration to finish it. 


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I've made a bit more progress over the last few days now that the writting urge is beginning to subside a bit...


The board is finished, although a bit splotchy, but that won't be too visable once I get the minis on it, next is to start on the background board.


Gift zombies are finished except for sealing.


The Zombie dragon just needs some base work.


Preperations for the next phase once the ghouls are done. Some BattleMasters Beastmen on thier new bases. Their time in the Simple Green didn't get all the paint off, and three of them need new weapons, which will be the axes from the Reaper Bones weapon pack. 


Alongside some Bones Beastmen I already painted, showing the scale creep that has taken place since the early 90s. Luckily the word uniformity doesn't apply to Beastmen, so it shouldn't be an issue...


...Although the reinforcements are going to heavily test that theory.

Warhammer lore had the Beastmen as being the "true" children of chaos and I've read that their design was based off of the Roman impressions of barbarian tribes but dialing up the anti civilization setting to 11. The presence of Beastmen then in the Army of the Great Pumpkin, a generally benevolent god, wouldn't make too much sense until taking a look at the other design influence that was a bit more subtle.

The film "The Witch" featured a demonic goat named Black Phillip, which like most of the movie had a solid basis in the witchcraft trial records. Multiple accounts of the devil appearing to a prospective witch in either animal form, a "dark man", or a goatheaded man appear throughout the records. The Sabbats featured further descriptions of beastheaded men and Lovecraft used this as inspiration for Shub Nigguroth, the Black Goat of the Woods with a thousand young. 

Since part of my Witch Army pays tribute to the traditional depictions of Infernalist Witches out to overthrow civilization, and with the Spring season the perfect time to paint depictions of fecundity gone bad, (and the opportunity to paint something other than ghoul flesh), hopefully my painting motivation will continue to hold strong.

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Beast Folk seem very much in character for an agricultural cultus! I think you could take this and run with it to full-on Wicker Man territory. Lord knows my PIPER IN THE WOODS would welcome these horned brutes. HE WHO WALKS BEHIND THE ROWS would also find a place for them...

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On 5/10/2022 at 2:59 AM, Rigel said:

Beast Folk seem very much in character for an agricultural cultus! I think you could take this and run with it to full-on Wicker Man territory. Lord knows my PIPER IN THE WOODS would welcome these horned brutes. HE WHO WALKS BEHIND THE ROWS would also find a place for them...

Over at the Gardens of Hecate blog, there are a series of figures based off of European festival costumes, which are availible thru kickstarter I think. Seeing those kind of got me thinking of kitbashing some Frostgrave Cultists with Bones Villagers.... Children of the Corn, Wicker Man, Harvest Home (1973), even to an extent Fritz Leiber's Conjure Wife, there's definately a rabbithole here to go down, but that'll be something I'll tackle once I get the pile of incompletion down a bit...

Current status of the Ghouls...


...purple and feeling neglected.


Same with their queen.

I raided the hobby shops of Plainfield today...


A big zombie for the eventual horde.


I've now aquired quite a few supplies useful for building rural scenery...


Now that I have proper tree sized trees, I can finally do something with the Woodland Scenics Fall Foliage set I picked up awhile back.


Stone pattern plasticard for when I attempt to build a replica of the mausoleum in the Elmwood Cemetery.


Sheet metal pattern for barn/outbuildings.


Roof tiles and sheet metal pattern stuff I picked up years ago. Now I ought to have enough to start.


With this, the major roadblock is gone as far as getting the Reaper cemetery done.


Another item I've needed for awhile. Comes with two small green grasses...


...which combined with my horde here, should allow me to start getting some nice overgrown fields going on.


Another bit for the cemetery, some huge bases that will probably be useful, and the dreaded gazebo, which will make a nice overgrown shrine.


Some more witch hunter stuff. 


Now I can get some use out of my old Woodland Scenics rock mold.

Recent haul and previously obtained scenery stuff. Hopefully the Spring Blahs are past and I can get started again on the terrain I've been planning for awhile.


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Finally got started on the background board...


A combination of spray and craft paints. Foamboard was probably not the best base, but it's what I've got, and when the urge to get something done hits at 4 am I'm not about to ignore it, because I've been putting this off long enough. After it dries, and depending on the warpage, I'll start adding the moon and clouds.


Ghouls and Ghast after thier first flesh highlight, Vampire Skin and Moldy Skin respectively.


Drybrushing of Stone Grey on the gravestones, monuments, and rocks, first of what turned out to be three layers of Hashut Copper on the roof.


Ghouls and Ghast after the Stone Grey Wash...


...also put down some thinned Brown Wash on the bones. 


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