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Army of the Great Pumpkin

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The BattleMasters game really was a level of value unheard of in our current age, both in number of minis and sculpts that hold up well decades later. When I started this, I didn't expect much, but was pleasantly surprised to find that the plastic was easier to work with than I'd hoped when replacing the axes. They'll be invading the Show Off section once I've gotten the Reaper ones finished...


Base coats of various colors applied, using the same palette as the BattleMasters Beastmen...


Working on the Shaman first, since he has the most complicated bits.


Continuing as well with the Shelf of Incompleteness minis...


The Bone Fiend and two pirates in the back are already finished, the Desert Thing will eventually have a home in a tiny flowerpot. 

Over time, thru Reaper's free monthly minis, I have several elves, which shall be painted in an autumnal style. (I had this in the back of my mind when I got the Bones gazebo awhile back)

Also having some Woodland Scenics Autumn flock and plastic trees, that I've been itching to use, I started on a base for the elves...


Poured some wood putty into an old Woodland Scenic rubber mold, using wd40 as mold release. It's been two days now, and the bottom was still wet and there's been a lot of cracking...


Once the rest fully dries, I'll assemble it on a firm base, and cover over the cracks with more putty. 


Once I get the mold cleaned up, I have other materials to experiment with in case the whole thing starts crumbling. I am unsure still as to whether wd40 as mold release was the best of ideas, I might try some cooking spray next time. 


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Progress over the last week...


Finished the Beastmen Shaman...


...and due to differing base thickness he scales quite well with the BattleMasters Beastmen...


The Beastmen Champion just needs basing....



....and the others are coming along nicely...


The Autumn Elf base has been glued to a sheet of plasticard...


...and the Undead Outlaw is almost off the Shelf of Incompletion...


Inspired by the cover of White Wolf's Necropolis Atlanta for Wraith the Oblivion.


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49 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

I really like the grey furs!

Thanks. I wanted to tie them in with the Wolf Demon I did previously. The eyes are also the same as my wolves/werewolves, so it bridges the "Infernalist"/"Angry Nature" a bit as well. Speaking of werewolves....


I've finally gotten back around to these guys. I'm leaving the mounted ones on plain dirt since part of the reason for the 2 year delay was I couldn't figure out a convincing road base scheme....and the general difficulty of getting the mounted werewolves positioned, but it's past time to start finishing things. 


Based some Russet Brown on the other unmounted ones.


Dug out my new pin vise bits and finished the Ghoul Queen, who has been lurking about for almost a year now. 


Did a little more with the Autumn Elves.


Unleashed the contents of the Reaper Learn To Paint Zombies set and the two back up blisters I bought. Not pictured is the WizKids Pathfinder Battle Zombie Brute who is bathing in Simple Green along with 2 WizKids D&D Vampire Hunters. I recall someone advising a Simple Green dip to dilute the overzealous priming on the WizKids minis, which have caused me headaches in the past. 


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