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Army of the Great Pumpkin

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Got a few things finished this morning...


Winter Wolf is done.


Biker Werewolves on foot are more or less done. I still need to freehand the Devil's Advocates patch on the backs of the vests, but I'm holding off on that until I get the rest of the mounted ones done. 


Finished the Male Texas Ranger from my misc. pile. 


Filled in the teeth and eye on the Bones Werewolves, also went over thier skin in Stormy Grey.


Finished the base colors on the Brute, Stormy Grey on the intestines, Woodstain Brown on the loincloth, Dirty Bone on the bones, and Sample Green on the exposed muscle.



Glued down the trees. Test fitting of the gazebo bits showed that I need to do some hot/cold water bending on the roof.


What's currently in progress. Con Crud has been brought up to the same level as the other Reapercon zombies as well. Non project figures are the Bones Desert Thing and Vermina from the Chronoscope line. 


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