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Darsc Zacal

Reaper Live Channels Enthusiasm and General Discussion Thread

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Thanks. I must be going blind.  Didn't see the measurement right there, was looking for it at the bottom next to the figure. 

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On 12/9/2019 at 12:13 PM, Chris Palmer said:

From Facebook:




Always nice to get singles from paint sets. I should replace my Golden Glow that died during transport (cold victim) when I place my order for Sophie Champagne, remaining 12 days & other holiday themed items. Any idea how much the Dreidel golem is? I'm not sure I really need Krampus at that price. I've already got the Chronoscope one:



$7.49 for those that don't have him & want him. #50207


Dreidel golem is $11.99 btw


Both are in store now!

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I snagged a screenshot of the concept art for one of the future (metal) free mini's of the month for later in 2020 (they showed a render of the January one, a barbarian, but I missed it).



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Notes from 12-13-19 broadcast:


Pledge Manager is up and mostly working. It does not take Paypal yet. There are some things they haven't ironed out yet. If you can't log in the biggest problem is with passwords, it is case sensitive and you must type it exactly like you did in Kickstarter.  It will be a few weeks until it is ready to accept  Paypal.  They are still working on it.


They have added extra stuff in the PM.  Requested walls of stone, etc have been made into sets. Priced at $4 per set.  Other "Powerups"  are planned from items that did not get funded in KS.  Ron talked about a camp site set of small objects that he was putting together, as one example. 


The gem dragon was previewed, it looks nice and will be made in clear.  Several other figures were previewed. 


Today (12-13) is the last day to get a 12 Days order in and receive a free figure.  On Monday what is left will go on sale.  It has been pretty picked over, some figures were more popular than others, like the cat dragon.  If you get your order in on Monday you will probably get anything you want. 


They still have stockings, while supplies last. 


Holiday paint sets and singles will be around until the end of the month, at least. 


For overseas KS shipping.... they are still waiting on Brexit/EU fallout to determine how they can make that work.


KS5 maps were requested by a number of people. It is on Kit's list of things to get done.  They will go up on the web somewhere in PDF format when they are ready.  


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2 hours ago, Inarah said:

Notes from 12-13-19 broadcast:


Pledge Manager is up and mostly working. It does not take Paypal yet. There are some things they haven't ironed out yet. If you can't log in the biggest problem is with passwords, it is case sensitive and you must type it exactly like you did in Kickstarter. 


Hate to be “that guy” but...


It’s the email that is case sensitive that has been throwing people off apparently, and that should be the exact same as Kickstarter email used. The pledge manager password may be different as I had to create a different one than the Kickstarter password since it had different character requirements. I don’t remember what the difference in requirements was, but I needed one additional character than the Kickstarter password for my pledge manager password, but with same email.

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They showed off lots of stuff from Bones 5 during Friday's episode, as noted by Inarah.  Here are some screen grabs.


A 3D print of the gem dragon, which will come in clear translucent plastic.




A turn-around render of the butchered shark from Brinewind.




Several of the pieces from the Dwarf King's Crypt encounter.




The lid comes off the sarcophagus and the dead dwarf king's corpse can be found inside (that corpse piece is separate, so you can take it out and leave the inside of the sarcophagus empty if you want).




Then a bunch of spin-around renders of the fantasy and Daimyo dino people.












The Daimyo 6-armed skeletal undead thing (sorry, I forget what it is called).




There was a spin-around of the undead dire wolf from the Core Set:




...And lastly, a spin-around render of the Dragon Wolf from the Core Set:



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Bones 5 related stuff from last night's twitch stream.


Arakoth the Ancient is now going to have a base.  The 3d test print just had all ball-and-socket joints for the legs, and they assembled it wrong (legs in wrong places), and it has a block of greenstuff holding up its body (which they never show in the photos).  So this base helps his legs from splaying, and has a rock to help support his body.





The base is hollowed out underneath.


Here is the butcher that goes with the strung-up shark from the Brinewind expansion.  They also showed a test print that ended up too small.




The next bits were implied to be included in the semi-monthly update that will go out on KS later today.


The graphic for Henchmen and Hirelings has been updated.  Ron stressed once again that these are not final renders (I believe he said previously that the ones they showed a few weeks ago were "90% done").  But, these are an accurate representation of basically what you will get.




They had the renders for the Dark Elf unlock that was added to the Core Set.

A Dark Elf Paladin, a Scout/Archer, and the Dark Elf Alchemist, with her fungal treant companion.








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