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Very interesting color choices, they really pop! One tip I'd offer, is for inset details, like the flames on the swords, try a black base coat inside the recesses, that adds a natural looking shade in the corners.

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33 minutes ago, BrokenWolf668 said:

Very interesting color choices, they really pop! One tip I'd offer, is for inset details, like the flames on the swords, try a black base coat inside the recesses, that adds a natural looking shade in the corners.

Thank you for the feedback! I’m going to try that on the halberd Nagendra that I will tackle in the future. I appreciate the supportiveness of this forum. It is super helpful for me to get tips to get better.

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2 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

They look superb!

Maybe a wash on the belly scales to enhance depth, but overall, great work!

Thank you! I must have tried washes and highlighting on the belly scales multiple times and just painted over it as I didn’t like how it turned out. More skills to build on though. Appreciate the kind words and feedback :)

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Very solid brush control; your paint is cleanly and consistently applied. Very interesting color choices, entirely unlike anything that I would have used, which adds interest beyond the usual green and off-green snakemen. Though having all of them together is a bit ... kaleidoscopic. ::D:


The next things I would work on are:

  • Line the edges of the color transitions (the line between belly scales and back scales, for instance) with a dark color. The Reaper liners work well for this, both because most of them are very dark and because their consistency is thin enough to make lining easy. This replicates the line of shadow that naturally forms when things overlap. It also makes it much easier to see details at a distance. You want the line to be very thin, but quite dark.
  • The mass tones you have are good midtones, but as alluded to above, the figure will pop more if you add shades and highlights. Washes can work for this, but they tend to be a bit scattershot. Instead, I would darken the back/inner edge of each scale or belly plate with a darker version of the current color and then lighten the outer edge. Scales can look much more impressive with that kind of shading.
  • You're using a lot of very saturated colors here, which is part of the reason that the colors are fighting each other. Saturated colors are great, but it helps if the entire mini isn't saturated. When you're making highlights and shades, if you use blacks and white to mix with the base tones, you'll knock down the saturation a bit and the figures will likely look more 'realistic'.
  • Flames generally are brightest toward the middle and darken as you get out toward the tips and outer edges. This isn't even or universal, but flames will read more believably if you reverse shade (bright inside and dark outside). I'd also push the brightness of the inside of the flame quite a bit, so that it's the brightest thing on the mini.

I like your unique artistic vision and I like your attention to detail quite a bit. Add a bit of shading and highlighting and I think you'll see yourself leveling up quickly.

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Thank you Doug! I truly appreciate the detailed feedback. I debated not putting them all together but now I understand why I felt that way. Mini painting at nearly 50 is really my first time doing something ‘artistic’ with color so this type of input is invaluable.

Thank you to everybody who provided feedback and/or kind words. This forum has the best Mini community :)

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