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Scenic Resin Plinths for instant Vignettes and Displays


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I didn’t see this one posted.  This is a small campaign for 2 craggy stone plinths cast in resin for CA$ 34, with a stretch goal of a castle balcony design.  It’s in the last 2 days and very close to funding.


link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ravengarfield/scenic-resin-plinths-for-instant-vignettes-and-displays




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57 minutes ago, Arc 724 said:

grrrr, why did I click on this?!

Update: oOOo, there is not much in the way of information on the campaign page, :(


It’s a pretty small, simple campaign, so I didn’t see that as a red flag.  He’s also completed 5 similar previous campaigns successfully.


He’s just going to be producing more of the 2 plinth designs he’s already sculpted and possibly a 3rd he has in process if he hits the one SG.


I’m relatively new to KS - what kind of additional info do you think should be there?

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As you said, the creator has run several KS before, although most have been under 50 backers. That's a good track record.


Search on "miniature painting plinths" and see what's already available retail. If you like his artwork and prices better, and don't mind waiting, 


I think Arc may be liking what s/he's seeing... :lol:


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