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Bones 4 bandit

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I’m still struggling with nmm but as the community knows, it’s pretty difficult. Anyway I’m generally happy with this figure. If you have tips on nmm that worked for you, please share. 




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    • By Jeepnewbie
      Started a new mini tonight. 

    • By wickedshifty
      Stone Lurker from Bones 4 
      one of my favorite 

    • By DragonWyrm
      Now, I have a pile of unpainted stuff. Time to reduce it by some amount. I got all of these from Bones 4, but I think that the rank and file goblins are from the previous kickstarter.
      Since I didn't want to play around with the poses I started experimenting with colour choices. Some classic orange, modern green, royal violet, baby pinks, icy blue and even a grey sorcerer.
      Some other points:
      Batch painted (apart from the experiments) NMM (it really teaches you much when you do it for large amounts of figures, I really love Prussian Blue and wet blending really helps in NMM) Experimented with using Vallejo spray paint: it gets somewhat tacky when it dries for a while, but that disappears when you paint over it with acrylic paint.
      Overall I like the detail on them, but some poses could be more generic for the rank and file goblins. In my personal the large sabre goblin is the worse of, it is a fun and interesting pose, but it only works for 1 goblin. 

      Now the photos are not the best (it was getting dark when I got the time to take them. Plus I have yet to make a good photo shoot)

      Let us start with Modern Green. The right hand side goblin has one of the better NMM sabres. Currently they have a gloss varnish. 

      Royal Violets and Baby Pinks: Both violets and pinks work. Sadly the photo for the violets didn't come out well, so you only get a top down shot of them. 

      I also found an old metal miniature at my local hobby store, so I included them here. If anyone knows where it is from I would appreciate if you could tell me: 

      Classic Orange: Now my favourite pose from the rank and file goblins is the spear. You can rank them up and they look like a real army! And they have a pose that works for defence, retreat and attack. The photo doesn't really do them justice

      Icy Blues and Grey Sorcerer: The sorcerer is a really nice sculpt. He has a nice pet spider on his back. sadly the sun was already pretty low and all other photos didn't come out well. 

      I painted the spider as a RedBack. See a lot of them here. 

      Armoured Goblins: they are fun, really like those sculpts. There was another armoured goblin in Bones 4  (I previously posted him). I don't think he really fits in with these as a goblin.

    • By Gantrell
      Here is my latest. LORD OF THE JUNGLE. 
      I really enjoyed this one. Great sculpt and fun to paint
      As always C&C welcomed

    • By strawhat
      I've shown the Wraiths off in another thread, but the shots were run through a photo program that wanted to "correct" and "enhance" the images into complete garbage (whether I wanted it or not), so I've got some new ones for them.  Some of these pictures are over-exposed, but you can actually see some of the colors on the robes now.
      The apes are new.  They've actually been done for some time, I just never did anything with them.
      First, the Bar-Llgura.  He's big, blue and orange, and cranky.  I figure he's "dad" or "big brother" to the other two.

      Second, the blackback, or youth.  

      Last, the silverback.

      The stars of the show: The Nagendra!
      The Captain and The Matriarch.
      I had actually wanted to avoid green and brown, but sometimes it's just right to follow the tried and true path.  I was originally modelling the captain off the boomslang, but I didn't want to do all those black tips/edges.  I ended up just enjoying the green and playing with the red enamel armor.  The Matriarch was originally to be modeled off the taipan...but they have all these little lateral chevrons...I thought about trying to do just a straight brown line, and then decided just to keep the black head and khaki/brown body.

      Spear-snake and Warrior
      I wanted to do something unusual, and I remember the Golden Eyelash Viper, so that's what I used as inspiration for the spear-snake.  It's yellow.  Kind of like the name suggests.  The Warrior is based off Fea's Viper.  Fea's Viper will serve as the inspiration for all Nagendra Warriors.

      Which brings up the last two: Archer and Warrior.
      I started looking at spitting cobras for the archer, and if I'd found the red spitting cobra first I would have used it.  But I ended up on another cobra (palawan) instead.  The palawan is basically black with light brown/khaki stripes and a partial mask.  I added three dots to the hood for grins and giggles.  The fletching on the arrows is purple, and decoration on the bow is done in a silver/steel color.  The other warrior is just like the first, except that the orange is a different shade, and I didn't put the tan on the head.

      Misc. Action Shots:

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