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07008, Luwin Phost the Wizard


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19 hours ago, BrokenWolf668 said:

Superb, very nice work on the beard!


6 hours ago, Iridil said:

Beautiful crisp detail - and love the yellow/ochre robe - and the hair color reads very well as dirty blond turning grey


Thanks, a durty blond hair and beard is exactly what I was aiming for. I wanted it to be elegant but also dusty.

After all, it's been certainly a week since he descended into this dungeon with his fellow adventurers.

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This is a splendid paint job. I agree with the others, but I enjoyed especially:


The subtle texture on the sleeping roll.

The effective OSL, simulating just a light shine from the glowing orb.

The light weathering on the red robe at the shoulder piece.

The deep contrast of the reds without going too far into orange or pink.

The finely executed freehand stars on the robe.


What I would suggest to make the miniature even better:


Slightly increase the contrast on the scroll and pouch or colour shift both to not be too close in colour to the robe. At the moment they get a bit lost.

Add some more interesting textures to the base. For instance moss between the stones, rubble and dust.

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Thanks for your encouragement everyone and a special thanks for your comments and suggestion @Peithetairos, you are absolutely right. I hope to find some time to refine the points you mentioned. I think I can glaze over the scroll and pouch to alter their tone. I will post this model along with the other Dungeon Dwellers I recently painted in the forum annual contest and I had to finalize the diorama before the end of December. I took pictures of my diorama Yesterday and I will post them today. If my schedule allows me, I'll add more decorative elements to the diorama, correct some stuff and repost final pictures before the deadline.


Here's a group picture of my Dungeon Dwellers I took Yesterday.



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