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Spartan - I don't have a working knowledge of Gurps, but I have run D20 since it came out . . . I would love to have you in my game though . . . Can you borrow a d20 modern book from anybody?



Also - Frosch, Storminator, GhostRider, LSH(maybe), Nym . . Who am I missing from the Active Roster?


Frosch - Terran, Gnuship pilot :poke:

Storminator - Malvernian Gunner

Ghost Rider - Terran Techie

LSH (maybe) - Infantry?

Nym - Unknown Mastodon Pilot . . . (?)

Spartan - I'll try to work you in if I can.


This pretty much fills my roster - So unless LSH or Spartan (who are maybe's) drop out or confirm, I can accept 2 Understudies (I guess that's the term).



Also - I had a chat with Matt, and I got some more documents, apparently for some Beta test of an actual Reaper CAV RPG. (similar to the above stuff). I will be reading through that and figuringout how to approach characters. In the meantime - the 4 of you (6?) PM me your concept ideas. I'll PM you guys whatever Matt gave me that was relevant.



I should disclaimer that MAtt said this stuff was not Final, and all of it is © Reaper. I will reference him as the sourcewhen I refer to his document, and we may become one his beta test groups. Also - my game is not official - It's just Me, even though I'm using a Reaper beta document..

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As it stands now:

Frosch - Terran, Dragonfly pilot, uncomfortable linked to Adon

Storminator - Malvernian Dragonfly Gunner

Ghost Rider - Terran Techie

LSH (maybe) - Infantry?

Nym - Adonese Mastodon Pilot

Spartan - Terran Starhawk Pilot


Jeremy, there is still possibly room if LSH decides against joining. I may be able to help with the rulebook, if you are familiar at all with d20.

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Running the first RPG game here (now on the third adventure)


Playing a wizard in LT's game


Playing a Superhero in CD's game


Playing *another* wizard in Nym's game.


I think I'm going to bow out of this one. Besides, there's a screaming load of CAV players interested in this.


--LSH, let the CAV take cities, he'll hold them.

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he's that same tall skinny dude in "Dude, wheres my Car?" he ended up with the big sista and a few cool points.


I'm just in the mood to be silly I guess, but I think I can make it work.


call it a case of character study, lol.


In the backseat of MY CAV???


see, its already working............

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