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Aard Paints: The Skeletal Horde

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As part of getting ready for Curse of Strahd, I picked up quite a few undead miniatures to pick away at. Skeletons are obviously a true classic, being the ranged option for undead in addition to their array of melee weapons and armor options. I picked up a small horde:IMG_20191211_114746836.thumb.jpg.61e6429b8367f2dc056ba5c0463a13a3.jpg


of Reaper's most recent skeletal offerings, which come in sets of one unclothed and one clothed skeleton with similar weapons. I have to say, I really like this; it gives a lot of potential for mixed groups, and breaks up the monotony of a bunch of naked skeletons with some pops of color. I decided to use blue for all of mine - it contrasted the oranges of the bones nicely, while at the same time giving them a more unified appearance, as if they had been a squad in life, perhaps.


I was in a desert mood, despite basing these guys with some more floral flocks, so I gave their shields the Star-over-Sand symbol of the Immescantii Desert warriors, who also use blue as their banner.




While I like the clothed warriors, they take a lot longer to paint... next Reapercon, I'll probably pick up two each of the unclothed ones to bring my numbers up a bit, and another set of the Breakers, who are both clothed. 16 skeletons is enough for anyone, and I thing a 3/5 ratio of clothed to unclothed will work fine on the table while saving me a ton of time painting these.


And the paint job was pretty quick, cloths aside! A basecoat of Goblin Skin, drybrushed with Leather White and washed with Army Painter Soft. I was kind of surprised that the wash worked as well as it did knocking the orange down - Goblin Skin is REALLY orange - but I trusted my gut and it came out pretty nice, and definately a different look from the mummies, which was important.




I also picked up some statues/waymarkers from a set called Undead Rising at last year's Reapercon. These will probably see use as tokens and objective markers for D&D and Call of Cthulu-type stuff. They were a lot of fun - crisply-cast, with interesting bits all over and easy to drybrush. I'm pretty pleased with them.

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