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Stargrave in 2021


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On 10/22/2021 at 8:37 PM, Lidless Eye said:

While I'm sure we'll get a Crew II with female bodies, Wargames Atlantic just previewed a female Cannon Fodder for their Death Fields range I'm sure we'll see in Stargrave


They really seem to be exploding on to the wargames scene these days. I've been following their blog for the last year or so, and they just keep releasing more and more stuff, faster and faster. They are even making an American factory. It seems they are showing up in everyone's projects, too. 

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@Rob Dean and I, along with 3 of our friends, played our November Stargrave campaign game yesterday, and did the Skymine scenario.  In the spirit of Halloween, we replaced all our Unwanted Attention roll results with Plague Zombies from the Quarantine 37 book.

We had 5 players, and played on a table area that was 3' x 6'.

I was worried when my Captain fell to a pair of successive grenade bursts, but luckily he made a full recovery. Loot wise, I was able to get a single Physical Token off worth 300CR in Trade Goods.  All crew survived the ordeal.

The game was a lot of fun as always, and while a handful of zombies did appear in the deserted mine, none caused any serious trouble before being dispatched.







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It wasn’t a particularly good day for my team; my son was right across the table from me, and he made off with most of the treasure I considered to be “mine” when we set up.  But I didn’t lose anyone, and the one loot token I did recover was worth 200 credits, so I can finally upgrade my ship before next month…

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