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Stargrave in 2021


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5 hours ago, Chris Palmer said:

Cool idea!  Did you keep grenades and rapid fire weaponry?  

No one used a grenade but we had them. We didn't have the rapid fires, but I did have 'burners', represented by pirates toting cannons. 

With the new close combat soldiers that you get in Stargrave Last Prospector, you have soldiers that have to get into combat to do anything so you get more close combat. 

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52 minutes ago, CaptainPete said:

I'm getting ready to start working on my "learn to play" crews, so I was wondering what people think of Quarantine 37 and The Last Prospector? I ordered TLP but I'm not sure if Q37 is worth it.

I think Q37 is as good. Have played two scenarios and zombies and bugs are well handled. It is also very strong on solo play. 

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Didn't take many photos but I played thr Skymine scenario today and got to use my platforms. These are just for aquarium base levels. About 80p each and simply sprayed white and varnished. I lost but got some good swag and everyone gets to stage a full recovery. 




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Yesterday, 6 of us (including @Rob Dean) played the Quarantine 37 "Medical Lab" scenario.  We used a 6"x3" play area and had 24 medical pods running down the center in two rows of twelve. . 

   It was a very chaotic and enjoyable game with players allowed to roll to see if zombies pop out of the medical pods each turn. Also, all random encounters were replaced with zombies. There were a lot of zombies.

     In the end I barely got off with one physical loot token; and my Captain, along with a couple other crew, were brought down by zombies. And apparently, according to the rules, a couple of my crew still carry the infection with them, and will need to be rolled for during the course of the next game. 



Overview of the table.  I started in the near corner at the bottom of the photo.



My crew prepares to investigate the deserted (or is it? 🧟‍♂️) medical lab.



My robot Case Cracker finds some Physical Loot...and would fail the next several attempts to unlock it even with her picks! 



A firefight breaks out with the crew across from me.  Zombies have started to emerge...



More zombies, more carnage.  My Captain is taken by surprise and brought down by two that wander onto the table randomly. 



Chaos all over the battlefield as crewmen fight enemy crewmen, crewmen fight zombies, and sometimes crewmen fight enemy crewman and zombies at the same time!  The medical pods that have been turned upright mark ones that have produced zombies already.


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The medical pods were a quick build I did the day before using these graduation-themed bubble bottles I found in my local Dollar Tree, along with a couple Reaper CAV hex bases, and a Reaper 1" round sprayed silver.  I cut the neck off the bottles, and hot glued everything together.


I also realized the little wand that comes inside makes a pretty good sensor unit or energy projector with the simple addition of a small washer to the base.. 




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