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Bunch'o Speedpaints For Game Night


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    • By Inarah
      A pair of Bones figures quickly painted as part of my annual Thanksgiving Paint Binge. Based with white primer and then a layer of one of the Citadel white contrast paints.  Went over it with a watered down blue contrast paint, then drybrushed white.  Picked out the face and bones with watered down black ink.  I think they came out pretty well for almost no effort and they can be used in any game where you need a ghostly or summoned figure.  I'm tempted to get more and do them in red as fire spirits. 

    • By Sophie was taken
      Managed to completely paint this happy little guy up in short order:

      Threw the base together last night to cure, but the actual painting time on this one was only a couple hours. 
      I assumed that he’s meant to be floating on magical wisps of etherealness, but lack ethereal-colored paint. However, I have fire and lava colors, so I made it flames. C&C welcome, as always.
    • By DocPiske
      I know I'm not following the guidelines by entering more than one mini per thread, but there's a theme to these. I'll take more chocolate to the next con and beg for forgiveness then.
      First up, Lurien 03170

      Next, Spirits 03298

      Now a mini I picked up at the paint and take at Origins, Sorrow from Malefaux:

      And some Zombiecide, well, zombies. The models were shiny when I go them already primed at the paint and take at Origins, and painting did not do much to knock it down.

      And finally an Iron Wind Metals mini to go with the zomibes:

      Not as many models this year, but I did get some nice ones in my order from Reaper today, so maybe a better showing next year.
      Happy Halloween!
      Bonus mini, 77352 Demi-Lich. Not really happy with this one. One interesting thing to note, though. There seems to be more than one skeleton on the base...

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