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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread

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Just now, Kangaroorex said:

Just never got the whole bust thing.  A lot of people like them but they are not for me.  Can we have an option for the rest of the dragon?  Its not that much bigger than Argent...


I painted my first bust a few years ago as a challenge issued by @ub3r_n3rd fell in love with those and paint busts on the side now.

Usually a bigger canvas and more detail.


This Dragon Bust was supposed to be a Reapercon Limited Edition.

I have one.

Oh well, I guess selling more of them is more important than keeping some things limited.


Eventhough we have only seen a few minis so far, I do think Reaper did listen to some of our wishes.

I know people asked for spell effects, war machines and busts.

Also more civilians.


Not sure about the dreaded wolves, what's up with the lack of eyes there?

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I'm in for townsfolk and kids if they're available as an add-on.

intrigued by grave things coming up.

and Krampus and the stag, but not sure how those'll play out. there must be more animals to go along with the weasel for a nice set.

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Well, it let me in wave 3, and let me try to upgrade to wave 2, but eventually broke and said they couldn't process it at this time.  Yet I keep seeing the number of open slots in wave 2 dropping, so some people are getting through... 



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Watching the cash counter roll over, wish that was my bank account!!

2 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:


Not sure about the dreaded wolves, what's up with the lack of eyes there?


Could they be undead??

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3 minutes ago, redambrosia said:

You’ll have to add weight on the bookends themselves. The bust is only about 2 1/2 inches tall.

Yeah at 5.5 inches total they are a bit small, I just need some book ends to more separate then hold up so I think they should work for me and be a cool unique conversation starter :)

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Just now, Tmac2200 said:

I remember making a pledge manager account last time. 



Maybe I just forgot about that.


I thought I only used the Kickstarter account and then clicked on the PM logo to get access.

Oh well, even if we have to create a new account it doesn't matter much.

I just couldn't remember.

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