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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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2 minutes ago, Kro said:

Lol, Ron replied to nearly everything in a chain of messages other than the one asking only about arachno assassins. Do I correctly remember someone saying he doesn't like those?


Arachno-Assassins are a Reaper Live meme that was used to torment Ron.  It evolved into the Ed Sculpts thing (Ed did not sculpt all the arachno-assassins).  So if somebody is actually seriously asking, he might just think they're fooling around.  

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few comments to note from KS


Sanjay Shanbhag8 minutes ago

@ron Hawkins - well I think you need to preview for us the next expansion. :p

    Ron Hawkins7 minutes ago

    Hmmm...perhaps we should whet your whistles...



Any chance we could get sir forscale posed along more of these dragons and such? It's hard to know if I want to shell out for the dragons and giants when I don't know how big they are. :/

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5 hours ago, Sanael said:

I  believe that we need to adopt "the Forscale" as an official unit of measurement.


And also, @Rainbow Sculptor, does that wolf pup have a little plush CHEW TOY under its paw?! OMG I love it. So. Much. Loving. It.


The kid with the awesome braid (seriously, I'm jealous of that hair) and the wolf looks like an elf or half-elf; the other seven all look pretty much human. Am I seeing that correctly? Any chance you'll slip up and tell us there are several more kids off other races waiting in the wings?


If you have the renders in that size for all the kids, I'm sure we'd all love to see them... It's so much easier to see their details than the images on the KS page. (Also the colors are fun ::P: )

I agree, the Forscale unit seems like a great official unit of Reaper measurement haha


That IS a chew toy, it's my favorite part of that sculpt. (half torn apart as they always are)


She could be either an elf or half elf. As it stands she is the only non human kid hero.


I love the colors. I am loving the limitless amount of colors to choose from when I start a new sculpt. Pushing colored pixels is the best!

4 hours ago, Smokestack said:

one thing I wish they would do is a child version of sir forscale, Sophie, and the iconic/pizza dungeon characters that were chibi in bones 4. Maybe even a child mr. Bones.


That's a super fun idea, I would have fun doing those!

1 hour ago, Walrus said:

It would be nice if we could get some more for the metallics and/or maybe the gemstone dragons. Hint, hint. :poke:


34 minutes ago, klarg1 said:


Gemstone dragons would be pretty cool.


*best Ron impersonation* hmm....gem dragon huh? that's interesting. 

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Just now, turbocooler said:

Dragons are my plastic crack!  Each one they add ups my pledge.  However, I will have to pass on the Asian dragon in the expansion.  I would never use the Oriental warriors.


i'm in the same boat


i might have to get the upcoming greek expansion though, depending on how many cool greek monsters get put into it

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Made an order at Reaper the other day (I had to get that translucent purple female wraith), and it came today.  October really is a great month.

I got the regular figure of the month (Bones Black Dwarf Pounder with a huge hammer), TWO bonus paints (the Breast Cancer pink and an unnamed "Sample" purple paint bottle), plus the Ghoulie Bag, which had the aforementioned translucent purple female wraith, plus two paints (Graveyard Bone & Fresh Blood), and candy.


I just happened to watch the Reaper Live episode from a few weeks ago when they previewed the purple wraith, and it couldn't have been better timing... I've liked that sculpt, but never bought it because I always wished it was in translucent plastic.  The video was recommended in my YT feed, and I'm an insomniac, so... the Stars aligned to alert me of my wish being fulfilled.


Now I have to resist the urge to make another order to get a 2nd one...

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Shavynra is nice but not my if 1 dragon.

The armory is useful unless you've bought a ton of the mantic stuff like I have. At least these have full suits of armor

8 hours ago, Doug Sundseth said:




No idea why there's a quote here or how to get rid of it from my phone.

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