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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread

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I am wondering if anyone knows the size of the greeks.  I have Mythic Battles Pantheon and I would love to proxy some of these for the originals since those sculpts are far more dynamic.


Can't wait do some nice OSL with Zeus and this bolt

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5 minutes ago, Bane Of Humanity said:

The two worst mythical creatures ever.  
Monsters I just refuse to use.

Worse than the Flat or the Hidebehind from Appalachian folklore?

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36 minutes ago, Fire_Eyes said:

So who is everyone's favorite dragon so far? I'm a big fan of Aganzarax. I have no idea how I'm going to paint her, but those horns are just gorgeous


The swamp(?) dragon. His smirk is amazing, and he looks so very lizardy in his pose, all draped comfortably on the rock/log.


28 minutes ago, Skallabjorn said:


Actually, we have had MORE unlocls for the same amount of money than any previous Bones Kickstarter.. 3+4 were at 32, 2 was at 34 and 1 was at 36 at this funding level. We have unlocked 44, and are working on the 45th.


Thank you very much for the reminder, I really needed it! We unlocked so much so quickly that I forgot how far we've already come and it hasn't even been a week yet!!! :wow: :;,;:



--OneBoot :D 

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41 minutes ago, Fire_Eyes said:

So who is everyone's favorite dragon so far? I'm a big fan of Aganzarax. I have no idea how I'm going to paint her, but those horns are just gorgeous


hmm, hard choice between mr. swampy or the aganzarax one. 


aganzarax, i'm going to paint like a oil slick black, aka black with iridescent oil spill like colors 


swampy is going to be painted swampily, but my kind of swampy rather than Anne's. I like to use more than just one base color for the body haha, and i like to have markings. Mine will most likely have a top to bottom shading of yellowy green colors, with darker brown blotches and stripes

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1 minute ago, ksbsnowowl said:

That's my plan as well.

Might be cool with a Harryhausen style finish, too.


1 hour ago, Lidless Eye said:

There was a new Heracles render shown for the Odyssey so I wouldn't expect the older version to be showing up.


I think some sculptor is a fan of the movie.


Image result for jason and the argonauts hercules

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1 hour ago, Corsair said:



Lotsa sneks!

Nah. Just one multisnek.

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I'll have to wait on pledging for the Greek expansion. Make no mistake I'm really excited for it. I was equally excited for the Daimyo expansion until I saw it. Now the one mini I wanted most, the lung dragon, I'll have to wait for retail.

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I hope most who are interested in the Greek expansion have not already added funds to their pledge.  Nothing kills the excitement of a potentially great add-on when nothing happens to the total $ after it is introduced. 

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I'm looking forward to the Greek stuff, no doubt. And although a hekatoncheries would be cool, I'd really love to see someone make a really terrifying creature: the she-dragon, Campe. A snake-haired scorpion-for-a-head, winged giant woman with many-headed snakes for legs, a chest adorned with the baying heads of fifty beasts, and the armor of sea monsters. Her eyes were fire, the snakes of her feet spat venom and her wings could create typhoons.


I mean, that sounds terrifying, right? Lovecraft got nuthin' on the titanomachy.

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      That's a big boo boo, but it was made with the best of intentions. The system was set up so that there was no mandatory amount, and you added what you wanted and nothing more. We thought that this was better for the customer, but it quickly became obvious the vast majority of backers want jump-in points at set amounts like a usual KS... and weren't entirely sure about a pledge manager that was open during the campaign.
      So, what are we going to do to fix this for you?
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      3.) Each of the $50(+), $100(+) and $200(+) pledge levels will have 3 shipping zone options
      Americas, Europe (NOT UK)
      AU, NZ, Asia, Pacific
      United Kingdom (NOT Europe)
      4.) Any extra themes that are developed during the course of the KS will be added immediately, no stretch, we just give you the option as soon as it is available.
      There will be 17 themes live at the time of launch, which doesn't count the licensed product from Corvus Belli and CMON Zombiecide.

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