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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread

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On 10/5/2019 at 11:41 AM, TripleH said:


Samurai goblins just seem so wrong though.

Happy Bones 5 everyone! I’m way behind on this thread (page 126). I have a deadline on 10/15 which is really bogging down my catching up ability. Anyways, I saw this comment as I was taking a break and wanted to mention that I noticed with some of the comments a theme of one person liking a model(s) that other find not as appealing or different. I just wanted to say that I thought the Samurai goblins are super cool! Very much looking forward to them and I think it is neat that there are models that appeal more to some than to others. 

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4 minutes ago, Chris Palmer said:

I know it could all come screeching to a halt in the next week or two, but it really seems like Reaper has a runaway train on their hands with this Kickstarter.  There's a real high excitement with this one.   It will be wild to see where it ends up.  It could be historic! 


Agreed, I completely eat my words about this! 

After a strong start it felt boring while we were stuck on the 3rd map, it felt like it took forever - maybe it was completely subjective, since Daimyos and siege weapons weren't my thing - but I feel right now the hype is intense and it all goes nice and fast: I think I woke up today with Shavinra this morning so I've seen nothing less than 3 unlocks today, which at this point of the KS seems extraordinary! 

Let's hope shadow dragon can keep it going. I'll pass on this one, planning as I do to pledge for all five chromatics. 

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Just now, rubegon said:

Maybe we’ll see Greek Odyssey or 2 tomorrow with a few new models in it?  Feels like it could be time for a core set upgrade tho ...


If it follows on any way the drawings on the map, it's possible the next tier (or "a" tier) on the Greek Odyssey is on that temple on the top of the lower half of the map. So, pretty far away :( 

I do think core should get some more stuff: I'm sure there's lots of pledgers who right now are limited to add-ons and expanions: let's make the core more attractive

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1 minute ago, NyarlaBcn said:


If it follows on any way the drawings on the map, it's possible the next tier (or "a" tier) on the Greek Odyssey is on that temple on the top of the lower half of the map. So, pretty far away :( 

I do think core should get some more stuff: I'm sure there's lots of pledgers who right now are limited to add-ons and expanions: let's make the core more attractive

the map drawings dont' mean anything, so dont' worry about that. they've told us that it's just a map, and hte images do not relate to the goal at that spot in any way


for instance, the asian dragon did not show up at the asian dragon icon on the map, but instead at a building icon

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I mean, I’d love to see some more goodies thrown into the core set, but the big, cool optionals do seem to be driving big pledge volume.  If that keeps up, maybe it’s better if Reaper pushes back some core set additions.  We still have more than 3 weeks.

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Number Based on 1900-2000 Reaper time today:
Current Total Pledges: $1,702,406
Current Total Backers: 13,531
Next Goal At $1,750,000
To go to Next Goal $47,594
Hours to next goal based on gains this hour: 7.9
Hours to next goal based on 24h Avg: 13.2
Gain in last Hour: $6,002
New Backers This Hour: 28
Total Gain Today: $73,883
Total Gain 24 Hours: $90,437
Average Hourly Pledges Today: $3,694
Average Hourly Pledges 24 Hours: $3,594
Current Average Pledge: $125.82
Average Hourly Backers Today: 16.4
Average Hourly Backers 24 Hours: 17.7
Previous Hour Total Pledges: $1,696,404
Previous Hour Total Backers: 13,503
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3 minutes ago, Pineapple said:

I saw people talking about a 15k backer goal in this thread.  Is that just speculation based on 5k/10k, or was that mentioned by Reaper at some point?


It’s  pictured in the core set on the Kickstarter page. 

Scroll down to the bottom of the Core Set photo and you’ll see the blank space with the title “15k backers”


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