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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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6 minutes ago, Skallabjorn said:


If you zoom in on the image you can see about 4 figures on deck in the render.



I've highlighted them in a full shot... 





Welp there goes another chunk o money. I hope the cannon are removable and the gun ports able to be closed.



That is the current plan, yes. 

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6 minutes ago, BrokenWolf668 said:

depending on how thick the bottom is, you could always make some strategic slices and add in some fishing weights. The disc shaped ones I use to add weight to bases for large minis would probably work ok.


If the mass goes above the maximum possible displacement of the model, we call that jetsam. :B):


You would probably need to add ballast low and have some voids higher up to both keep it floating and keep it upright. (And I'd almost certainly still remove the masts or replace them with something very low density if I were trying to float the ship.)

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9 minutes ago, dwarvenranger said:

Welp there goes another chunk o money. I hope the cannon are removable and the gun ports able to be closed.


Per Ron, everything is changeable at this point, but both of those were mentioned as being in the current plan.

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58 minutes ago, Cranky Dog said:

Ooh, the ship doesn't have an official name yet.


So it's open to suggestions. Remember how Wyrmgear from KS 1 was fan named.

The PFS [Pirate Fleet Ship] Gimme Your Wallet


The PFS Sophie's Revenge  [with a tip of the tricorn to the Queen Anne's Revenge]



As spokesperson on behalf of L.O.T.S we are demanding a suitably sized KRAKEN as a necessary companion piece.

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5 minutes ago, icestormganon said:

Also, how long will that take to paint? 


Ships don't have pupils, so not at all long. :upside:


14 minutes ago, BrokenWolf668 said:

Now, for the haters, what are they saying is weak about the core set? It's supposed to be a basic foundation, with a decent variety, but that means not everything is going to appeal to everyone, but what the heck, you can always just break it down in the pledge manager later, right? Not sure what the issue is, unless they just expect Reaper to cater to their every whim.


I'm not "hating" the core set or expect Reaper to "cater to my every whim", but I'm not as enthusiastic as I was for it compared to previous Bones. The Bones V core set isn't as focused as Bones IV and other Bones cores for generic fantasy adventuring. Previous Bones did have odd miniatures, but they were added later in the campaign. So Bones V's core set looks more like a Fan Favorites expansion, rather than a Dungeon Dwellers one. Yet, at the same time, for Bones veterans, the Bones V core set heroes, villains, and dragons overlap with previous Bones KS releases. And it's also $20 more, with actual shipping costs no doubt rising.


And, for myself, $120 plus shipping is a fair amount of money.

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I can see where this might be one of the ones that fall under the earlier pledge manager deadline.


From the KS:

"Unconfirmed pledges make it difficult for us to plan production and logistics. If you confirm your pledge late (after April 30, 2021) some items may not still be available. This means that part, if not all, of your rewards may not be available and/or your pledge may be forfeit."


Just something to keep in mind.

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5 hours ago, ksbsnowowl said:

Actually, it was stated in yesterday's Kickstarter live stream that the core set will only be ~140 miniatures. 


It it is already at 127.


Maybe they weren't counting the "free" additions, such as the backer # goals & social media goals, but that would only take it up to ~145.


it was blatantly stated that they can only go so far before they actually lose money on the core set. 


Oh, wow - I was way off.  Thanks for clearing that up.


I was rounding up from the ~140ish(?) in B4core, scaled up for the higher price.


Even at 140, it’s still a great deal of course.

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