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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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20 minutes ago, criticalhit said:

What do ya'll think "everyone's favorite subterranean antagonists" in the next unlock for the Core Set will be?


Grimlocks? Kuo-toa? 

My guess is Drow. I hope it is something more fanciful but I am still guessing Drow.

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Number Based on 1900-2000 Reaper time today:
Current Total Pledges: $1,800,068
Current Total Backers: 13,951
Next Goal At $1,845,000
To go to Next Goal $44,932
Hours to next goal based on gains this hour: 13.7
Hours to next goal based on 24h Avg: 20.9
Gain in last Hour: $3,287
New Backers This Hour: 13
Total Gain Today: $39,917
Total Gain 24 Hours: $51,586
Average Hourly Pledges Today: $1,996
Average Hourly Pledges 24 Hours: $2,149
Current Average Pledge: $129.03
Average Hourly Backers Today: 8.9
Average Hourly Backers 24 Hours: 437.5
Previous Hour Total Pledges: $1,796,781
Previous Hour Total Backers: 13,938




36 minutes ago, Evilhalfling said:


Boaty McBoatface? 


That is one beauty of a ship.  likely not in my budget, but it is oh so pretty. 


I think in this case it's Shippy McShipface, right?

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1 hour ago, ksbsnowowl said:

It's a SHIP!







32 inches of playable deck area.
37 inches with the bowspirit.
9 inches wide.

There's a shiiiip!

The Blaaack Freeiighter...


Megan hasn't seen that, but just heard me singing it ... and NOW she has seen it! ::D:


This KS just got a lot more expensive for us, I think....


The Auld Grump

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2 minutes ago, Argentee said:

Ship names... The Black Pearl is taken...  The grey carbuncle?

Sophie's Pride?

The Reaper?

Blackbeard had the Queen Anne's Revenge so I have proposed, among other names:

Sophie's Revenge.

Suitably painted and adorned I could see Davy Jones'  The Reaper or Reaver as a suitable name.


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