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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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22 minutes ago, Cranky Dog said:

Interesting. That spider looks really angry.


We already have Cadirith from Bones 2, and the recent Emrith Kul spider set.


Anyone else want a giant spider family picnic diorama? Or make it a "Spider Grandma's birthday party"! Or a wedding between giant spiders with a dark elf priestess officiating.


It's wholesome fun for the family.


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I wouldn't mind seeing minis from somebody for Anansi and Anansewa.


The spider god and his beautiful daughter.


Neither is to be trusted, but neither is evil, just tricksters. Lazy, clever, but not as clever as they think they are.


And storytellers.


Spider monsters with the bard class. ::):

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6 minutes ago, TripleH said:


I wonder if @OneBoot has seen this yet...:devil:


Beware, the most fiendish, evil, and murderous at heart arachnid....  The purple glittery/sparkly spider of doooooooom! 


(I suppose I should have put that in purple.  Wish mobile could easily change that...) 

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My homebrew's spider goddess is Lawful Evil and has Tyranny as her portfolio. I've used some pretty big spiders in prior campaigns - my last campaign that used her required a colossal spider, and I wound up buying a cheap rubber one from a dollar store. This will be much better the next time I need one. :devil:

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2 minutes ago, criticalhit said:

Historically, have expansions ever crossed maps, or have they remained confined to one map?


There are six unlocks left for this map.


2/3 of them must be Greek Odyssey and Dark Depths, right?

We did just on this one with the Dungeon Dwellers, so I guess it is a yes.

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