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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread

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10 hours ago, NebulousMissy said:


I've been informed I'm getting those drunken pirate skeletons.


I dunno about you but if my partner tells me I'm getting drunken pirate minis I'm not gonna argue ::P:

I'd tell mine, but he is already planning on it, so I'd be wasting effort.

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I'd love to see Reaper have made the storm giant a lady and the cloud giant a dude...since they already did the male storm giant and female cloud giant. I get that they want to update the sculpts they did before and add size/improve upon what came before, but it would be cool to see them break they own habit.

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1 hour ago, Sanael said:

So, I understand simply wanting a thing (re: my desire for a Campe), and I do agree a hekatoncheries would be a neat mini... But do you have a specific reason you want one so much? Is it used in a module somewhere or something? Or is it just your own mad longing?


(Not at all an attack, just curiosity on my part... And, if there is a module that uses one, I might want that module.)

its great for painting (the challenge of 50 heads, etc would be insane), but also im currently DM'ing an extremely high scope epic campaign.  3.5E/pathfinder. Characters are around level 28 now, 5 mythic ranks (from Pathfinder's mythic adventure rules).  End goal will be around level 40 most likely, 10 mythic ranks (max is 10) and then with custom rules taken from some official content from the end of The Savage Tide and extrapolated out using some suggestions in i think it was Mythic Adventures, they will gain Divine Ranks (3E deities/demigods). 


They just killed one lesser god (Kiaransalee in the abyss) and destroyed orcus as he was trying to be reformed (kinda a modified history of the 2e adventure 'Dead Gods'). In this adventure, one part was potentially using a Hecatoncheries.  They havent gotten to that potential area yet. may not happen, but i do like cool models that i dont have. and something like that, i can see being popular. not so much for new general D&D players, but painters, etc.


as a note if your wondering what the hell is going on in my campaign:


I was a player back in high school.. starting in 1994, a teacher was the DM.  We started at level 1.  We played every thursday. when we graduated in 1996, in summer and xmas, we'd go to teachers house and continue and his son joined us.   We played till 2007 or so. then schedules made it harder and he stopped DM'ing us.  2011, friends wanted to continue, so i took over the campaign, my cahracter went to one of my friends and i DMed it continuing form where we left off (the end of the frost giant mission in Against the Giants).  We converted into 3e/pathfinder, but to do so meant ppl had to be more powerful for the end goal (lolth).


End result of this adventure was Queen of the Demonweb pits (heavily modified due to gods being actually more like gods in 3e rules as opposed to Lolth in the 1e original adventure with 66 hp :P) - killing lolth, and various other gods based on what happens and who interferes with them (similar to "God of War" series of video games). i expanded on the actual Against the Giants/Descent into the Depths and Queen of Demonweb pits when we converted to D20 since the original rules from 1e wouldnt work (they need to be epic to fight a god), so now there's a goal beyond that which will entail them figuring out what Malkizid (which i need to still create using the kingdom death angel and resculpting), is doing watching them from a distance, how asmodeus is involved (which they dont know), what drove lolth to start what she is doing (has to do with asmodeus and malkizid), what triggered the other gods to go to war (a gods war occuring in the planes and in other dimensions of reality), the death of the overgods (Ao - FR, Kaos - krynn, etc) - . my take on the multiverse uses the offical 2e lore as a core, adding some notes/answers/thoughts from Dragon magazines and then mixes in concepts i like from 3e and 4e (but modified).  this will all lead them to the center of reality itself, where the embodiment of magic itself is coming forth to reset the multiverse. 


Everything after lolth they dont know yet.  they are seeing strange things happening.  Planes being ripped apart. Holes in reality opening up, sucking planes within them as the plane disappears. 


Its pretty messed up. 


the closest thing i can describe it as is Infinity War/Endgame mixed with God of War mixed with several higher level D&D adventures :)




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10 hours ago, Sirithiliel said:


i think it's the hind leg especially, but also the feet. They don't have those big exaggerated toes a lion has, but are more condensed down like a canine's. 

The knee though, seems to have too much bend to it. Both at the knee, and the curve leading from knee to ankle


but i know i'm in the minority haha, and that animal anatomy is a big part on if i will actually like a mini or not. over all part 2 is a bit 'meh' for me, but i still like part 1 enough to stay in for it

Anatomy is part of it for me too.  When it's well done it makes a big difference. 


10 hours ago, Pochi said:

My only issue with the second part of the Greek expansion is there is only one Leucrotta. I need at least 5 of those! I have used those against my players and they HATE them but said it was such a fun fight!


I was already in for the Greek expac and I am happy with the second part. I wish there were a few more minis but they seem to be throwing in big stuff so I can't complain and I don't hate anything in it and will use everything they have revealed thus far.


Yes, I would like to see multiples of creatures, pairs at least.  I don't need 32 more goblins, but a pair or three small creatures makes a good encounter. 



DH said he wants the female giant, and I like enough of the Greek Ex. that we're in for it at this point. 


9 hours ago, Green Eyed Monster said:

I noticed the same thing and posted a remarkin the comments section of the update.



Keep commenting.   Reaper is always telling us that the final figure may be different than the renders shown, so I don't see why we can't push for some changes to this one.  A few tweaks could really help. 

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I already suspect that my copy of Heracles will wind up as a statue on a pedastal... I like the archer lady, not a huge fan of the mage, but overall, not complaining about the second section of the expansion.

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23 minutes ago, StarFyre said:


as a note if your wondering what the hell is going on in my campaign:

(...Epicness ensues...)

Ok...you telling me (er...us) that you have runing a campaing for 15 years.... Maaaan... My Old group barely managed 6 month in the same stuff...

And ... Yephima droped... Yay... 50 bucks...ok... The taxman will have my guts for garters.... Ok damage control, enlighten me wise Old ones... Neo- yephima will hit retail around 15 bucks or so right? And the cyclops/golem somewhere about 10 a pop (im guessing based on other large minis in store)... 

God. Dammit.


That's how you make boulderkin...



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1 hour ago, redambrosia said:

Ugh. That was a terrible movie <_< 


Terrible, but also wonderful. How they could have got so many story-essential things so completely arseways!  But that scene where Achilles takes the temple - pure magic. My secret shame :blush:.

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11 hours ago, NebulousMissy said:

My initial thought was "the leucrotta looks kind of dumb". Then I looked up the actual leucrotta and indeed it looks kind of dumb. It's supposed to look kind of dumb, like one of those "a wizard did it" monsters :mellow: Durn drunken wizards, stop snorting your spell components!


To be fair I have always thought exactly the same thing looking at Axe-beak/terror birds. 

such a lovely concept  (pre-historic apex predator,  who reigned for 30k + years?)  but it just looks so dumb. 

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8 minutes ago, Evilhalfling said:


To be fair I have always thought exactly the same thing looking at Axe-beak/terror birds. 

such a lovely concept  (pre-historic apex predator,  who reigned for 30k + years?)  but it just looks so dumb. 


i find them oddly adorable



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