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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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9 minutes ago, lexomatic said:

I'm. I'm not getting core so I guess retail it is.


There is the possibility that the core set will be broken up near the end like.it has for the past 4 kickstarters and you can get it that way


The troll was also in a emailed update if you would prefer seeing a picture of it outside the core image 

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42 minutes ago, NyarlaBcn said:

On the core image they deleted it, but on the one sent to mail, the troll is stepping on a human soldier. 

Do you think it will be that big? 


The unfortunate human soldier was a victim of a sleep-deprived concept artist being funny. One of the various streams announced the final troll will not have a stepped-on dude.


The three headed troll with Ed, Ron, and Dave heads is currently a similarly funny piece of sleep-deprived concept art and will NOT be in the kickstarter. Again, various streams have announced he might, MIGHT I SAY, be made into metal.


In order to maintain enough detail for 3 heads to look like 3 proper heads, I do believe the 3-headed troll will be rather on the large side. 

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14 hours ago, Doug Sundseth said:


I thought there was some rule about lotteries for Canadians requiring a skill component as well, though perhaps that doesn't apply for lotteries not run in Canada or by a Canadian company.


Canada only, and usually took the form of a simple math equation.  It was always perfunctory.  I haven't seen one in forever, most junk food promotions having gone digital, so I don't even know if it's still a thing.  But if you want your free bag of chips it'll be:



x 14-6




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15 minutes ago, 72moonglum said:

Exactly, Metal is king, plastic is the price point of the 80's-90's.

For me resin is king. while metal and resin can both do the detail, larger thinner parts cause issues for the molds (someone from reaper explained it at a long post on the paizo forums a few years back) for metal due to it needing higher heat which damages the molds.  also larger things become very heavy and metal is just annoying to convert due to harder to saw/drill through.  


after resin, i prefer hard detailed plastic (Games WOrkshop style and apparently the new stuff from GF9 collector series - their larger kits coming in october/november this year will be GW style plastic sprues).  Then bones. then finally metal. 


i used to like metal models. then i started converting and doing larger pieces and metal just became too annoying.  that said, most of the stuff i get, doenst come in metal anyways so it stopped becoming an issue :)




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9 minutes ago, buglips*the*goblin said:


x 14-6


Is this like that viral math problem recently, where the grouping is ambiguous just to mess with us?


As a recent transplant to Canada, the only one I've seen was closer to "1+1+1 = ?"... ::P:

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1 minute ago, Fnordlover said:

I'm hoping the pulp encounter is a byakhee chasing a car full of investigators. One driving, one holding a lantern so a third can read from a tome, and the fourth shooting or swinging a weapon at the monster.

reminds me the rpg "Beyond the Supernatural" 





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