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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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3 hours ago, Doug Sundseth said:


I've been pushing that for a while. If it's clear I can make it any color I want. If it's colored, I can only make it that color or a color I can mix with that color.


I understand the desire to use a color (because it makes out of the box play easier), but I strongly prefer clear for all translucents.


I'm guessing the pre-colored translucents are so-colored so that they will appeal to non-painters, who simply want to drop them on the table.


Painters (most people on the forum) can make something else of it, even when re-coloring the tint isn't an option.

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36 minutes ago, Corsair said:

Less than 1800 to go to the next unlock. A little frustrated/disappointed at the news that no scifi/Chrono until map 6. That's 200k at least before one.


I have just been over at another site looking at sci-fi terrain.  I think I know where my money is going this month. 


Oh, skeletons. Pass. ::(:





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3 minutes ago, Pochi said:

I really like the undead pirates but I don't think I need a whole expansion of them. I really hope the otters aren't in the expansion. I hope they are an add on.


I'm reserving judgement until I see more.


I truly love Bob's skeletal pirates, but for $50, I need to know what else I'm getting before I decide.

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I'm in deep for the undead pirates but other stuff could change my mind. Was not into the otters, for example. If I get everything I'm way over budget 300 so far. Just not sure what I'd drop. Probably Greek expansion.

Sooner or later I'll have to bump my pledge.

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34 minutes ago, Corsair said:

With the ship coming out, I think that at least one section of the Brinewind would need to be regular sailing crew.


I am pretty sure @Rainbow Sculptor made some deckhands so I am betting we see those in the expansion.


To be honest, I am really hoping they don't put a whole bunch of things in here that I super like.....  I am getting close to the top of my budget!

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6 hours ago, redambrosia said:

The advantage of a clear ship is windows. Especially if they’re making the fore and aft castles hollow. They won’t have to make different pieces for windows. Or leave blank holes. 

I’m down with a ghost ship.

Green works for windows as well - at least very, very old glass windows....


Some older glass was saturated with copper sulfate or salts - resulting in windows that get darker green with age.


And narrower at the top than the bottom.


My mom used to tell me that it was because glass never completely hardens, and over centuries it would flow downwards... But, in reality, it is because glass was blown, then spun, before being flattened out to be cut into diamond shaped panes. It was always thinner at the bottom.


Though.... I would love to see some clear freestanding windows for gaming. We have some 3D printed windows that Kristof65 sent us - the number of times that Jon, Duncan, or Chris have had their characters jump through them.... The kids and after school players are more uniform in their tendency to jump through windows - though some of them do open the windows first.


At some point I may pick up some UV hardening resin to add 'glass' to those windows.


The Auld Grump - bed time!

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