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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread

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2 hours ago, NebulousMissy said:

I'm going to say something both obvious and horrible.


Sci Fi doesn't always age well.


[ducks] Wait, hear me out.


Sci Fi is supposed to be the future. But that future is always going to be extrapolated upon by a writer or a cadre of writers who are all confined to their own experiences and imaginations. As technology IRL marches right past what a writer 20 years ago said would take centuries to develop, Sci Fi settings that never grew their pop culture relevance now never will. They kind of aged out of their own relevance. So new settings are written by new cadres of writers, settings that compete with the older ones for relevancy and readership and they themselves age out and the cycle begins again.


It's exceedingly difficult to make something as predictive as Sci Fi needs to be because technology will simply march past your benchmarks and leave your story forced to stand on its own merits against the weight of failed predictions.


Sci Fi games have the same drawback. The big names, Star Trek, Star Wars, 40k, [insert your favorite setting here], they all grew their pop culture relevance before their technology aged out and they lost their realism, instead falling to ridiculousness. Star Trek's Data has the computational speed of 4 PS4s strung together. Star Wars holograms look like something you could build in your garage. 40k is in technological decline and that was never the focus anyway. 2001 came and went without one single manned mission to Jupiter. And where's Skynet?


The worst part is, this is all stuff every Sci Fi fan knows. We all know it deep down and it hurts. But it makes us think we can be better. It makes us think we can be the writer or the cadre of writers who can maintain relevancy for more than half a generation.


But it's elfing [redacted] on the mini business.

Space opera ages better than hard SF.


The holograms in Star Wars look like 70s ideas of holograms, but Star Wars also has beat up old flying space jalopies. And hard scrabble moisture farmers.


It isn't SF, it's space opera.


Guardians of the Galaxy has high tech space vehicles with a CASSETTE DECK!


Near future SF is doomed to become dated. 2001 is come and gone. Twilight 2000 had a final war that never happened.


But Fallout's retrofuture has a longer shelflife.


Alternate futures are safer than future historic settings.


I love me some retrofuture!

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something i drew many many many years ago   seems fitting

I totally agree with you in that those particular exaggerations are not very realistic in function. This was a challenging character/figure to create because I wanted her to read as feminine but als

Posted Images

also, SW, GotG, 40K really are fantasy in terms of literature.  And while 40k's milky way has gone through devastation and the loss and reemergence of tech several times over, keep in mind they still have tech that is near some of the most insane stuff you will find , outside of comics, anime (the one with mecha larger than the known universe), and the novels with that species that basically throws galaxies at each other.


40K literally has a starship, where they cant figure out how to fix the targetting, so instead, they use its time control abilities, and move targets forward or backward in time so they line up with the guns and obliterate them.  abaddon's sword has a demon in it, which alters reality so it can destroy anything it touches cause it warps reality, planet killer weapons are common place and the necrons have inertia less ships, can compress stars to carry them around as weapons, and the current force of them in the unvierse are their scouts.  their planet killer ships... are scouts...



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3 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:


Maybe multiple shades then? Perhaps that includes clear, if they are going to do a variety



Maybe.  It's an interesting way to write it.  Either they are going to do like you say, and do a variety each in its own color.  But I doubt they will get involved with folks picking a color; so you'll wind up with a random one?.


Or, are they going to cast different parts of the same dragon in different colors?


Or does it mean they just haven't made up their mind what color???



Edited by Chris Palmer
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1 minute ago, Sirithiliel said:


Maybe multiple models then? In different colors. Perhaps that includes clear, if they are going to do a variety

There was a TON of comments to please make it clear and they were very heavily influenced. So I think, based on what they said, that we will see it clear with a possibility of random colors.

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2 minutes ago, Corsair said:

There was a TON of comments to please make it clear and they were very heavily influenced. So I think, based on what they said, that we will see it clear with a possibility of random colors.

Of course, none of the official Reaperpeeps at that moment were Ron, so who knows.


I find it interesting that Justin was suggesting that they could do random colors (pledge for one, don't know what would come in your box), then people could trade them. He made it sound like Reaper was cool with this... Which leads me to wonder, to what extent is Reaper rethinking trading policy for this forum?


(The answer, I'm fairly sure, is that they're not thinking about this forum at all, when it comes to their social media plans...)


Regardless, I'm still pretty against random colors. Clear or solid, color if it's appropriate, but please don't make us guess!

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I wonder if they were planning on doing the dragon in translucent swirly colors, like you sometimes see in dice.   Not that it matters to me, I have unpainted dragons older than a lot of the people pledging for this.  A new one will just collect dust. 




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6 minutes ago, Inarah said:

I wonder if they were planning on doing the dragon in translucent swirly colors, like you sometimes see in dice.   Not that it matters to me, I have unpainted dragons older than a lot of the people pledging for this.  A new one will just collect dust. 




I have dragons that are pretty old, unpainted, some (horrors) unassembled, but that won't stop me getting pretty well all the dragons in this KS. There is no such thing as too many dragons...despite the multitudes from Bones 1, Bones 2, Bones 3, and Bones 4.....


Some nice translucent transparent dragons will be nice addition.  Transparent is a colour, isn't it?


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