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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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5 minutes ago, NyarlaBcn said:

Aaaand... we have the third and final wave of dungeon dwellers with some more old friends. A big disappointment of an expansion, let's see what follows. Dreadmere expansion II? 



I like it quite a bit, even though I have some of the minis. Strong sculpts and a very good price.


1 minute ago, Pineapple said:

I'm trying to understand the Mouseling pricing.  $10 for five small miniatures, versus $10 for six human-sized dragonborn miniatures...can anyone explain why it works that way?


These are the new, larger minis, that are basically human sized.

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10 minutes ago, Cranky Dog said:

Dibs on his mini hoard!


Admit it, we all have one. We're like dragons, it's never big enough.




I’m investing in tin futures.


also, something, something... plastic ::P:

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3 minutes ago, Chris Palmer said:



Yes, I agree; I think it is totally intended for new folks.  I think they have correctly assumed that there will be a lot of new people in this Kickstarter.  (Their Facebook page, for one, is bringing in a lot of new blood.) 


The DD expansion did strike me as an 'Introduction to GMing' kit. Which, let's face it, we should all be in favor of. 

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24 minutes ago, Fnordlover said:

They had one at launch for 1000 people. I couldn't get it to work until after it was gone.


The actual Kickstarter page seems to not be getting a lot of love and attention at all.

Yeah, that one was gone really quick, and this new one is only 500, which means it'll be gone in no time... 


Aaaannd of course the app won't let me complete.  Get halfway there, it breaks, or constantly reloads itself, making it impossible to get anything in. 


23 minutes ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

Seems strange to limit $1 options ... not available for Europe at the moment.

Yup, very odd to limit it. 


20 minutes ago, Chris Palmer said:


I think no one has taken the time to add new Waves for the $1 options.   They seem too busy just keeping up with the new stretch goals and updates.  Hopefully when things slow down they'll update the Wave potion of the page.



17 minutes ago, Argentee said:

Pledge $1 or more

Wave 9 - Americas, Europe (NOT UK)

Just opened

I see it's up, but Kickstarter app still acting up.  Yaaaaaaay. 

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Have they said anything concerning where Europe fulfillment will come from? UK? The situation is totally unclear because of the Brexit. From the US? That means import duties / customs again. From another hub within the European Union? The answer to that question will have a huge influence on my pledge (and the sooner I know the answer, the sooner I can start adding a bit of money).

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