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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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2 minutes ago, Chris Palmer said:



Well, they did Sci-Fi, and Prehistoric, so why not, I guess!


Now I want steampunk dinos! ::D:




Hmmm but if they are a set like that stegosaurus man preview, then not that interesting for me 


His giant hands and elephant feet were not my thing. I would rather actual Dinos haha 

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6 minutes ago, Chris Palmer said:

Come on $2 million in 24 hours!   :lol:



I wonder just how far out they have stretch goals planned and locked in...



That’s looking possible at this point.


I wonder the same - have they ever run out of stuff to unlock?  They must have concept art or something for stuff out to $5M or so, just in case, I would think.

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Sculpted by Jason Wiebe. Thrown in for free at 10,000 backers! 


EDIT: Sorry I don't have a better pic, posting from my phone. 



--OneBoot :D 

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So, now that I'm home and can get a good look at things - 


the Dungeon Dwellers expansion feels a lot like... well... one of the early Dungeon Dwellers boxes (okay, maybe two or almost three of them) - it's a kind of glorious throwback to the Days of Yore - it's the sort of box that carries a group of early adventurers through what we now call the First Tier... and if the end boss dragon looks maybe a little like an old piece of artwork from the UK basic edition... well, so much the better. So very much the better...

... I might be a little verklempt. There's no "might" about whether or not I'm getting this one. 


Core Set - we will have to see how it shakes out, but if they don't split up the core for people to pieces-parts things out, I will likely end up getting this one. 


Optionals - Catapult, Dragonfolk, maybe Townsfolk. The two dragons shown so far are okay, but, I have a shelf of the darn things - most of them unpainted. The fire giant looks pretty cool - but we kicked the Snurre's butt about six-eight months ago now, and so maybe their time has passed.  Imma get my goats - but I don't need to get the rest of that set, so I can wait until retail, most likely?

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