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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread

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Wave 1, I have no idea what number
(upside of pledging on phone - Apple Pay saves the Day! Downside of pledging on phone... I have no idea what my pledge was until this evening)

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Pledged a dollar to get access to the PM.

When I get back from vacation I will see what has happened.


Have fun all!

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My pledge is still processing from trying to change it.


This will not end well. This will end amazingly!


Edit: Aaaand all Wave 1 are gone. I'll remain among the first of Wave 2s. Backer #176 overall. I can live with that.

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1 minute ago, Sirithiliel said:

guess i'm wave 2...looks like wave 1 is out. sad, i was there so fast


You and me both. There were 900 pledge 1's left when I first tried to pledge, now I'm in wave 2. But well, I like that us Europeans won't get our stuff through GB!

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Whew! Got Wave 1 and backer #1


Is there a reward? Maybe I’ll pat myself on the back and go play a video game while I wait for the stretch goals to reveal themselves.


Although it is ultra fun to watch the pledge counter fly up!!

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6 minutes ago, EvilJames said:

trying to get in wave one but server lag....

Failed at wave one due to lag, kinda lame actually, not Reaper's doing obviously but still annoying, there were 600 spots left when I hit the button. Would have been nice if KS had told me after it failed that the pledge level was gone rather than let me try again, several times. :(


Got in wave 2 at least (I think)

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