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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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54 minutes ago, ksbsnowowl said:

Based on a reply by Ron in the KS comments, the Encounter at Mandupar Pass is going to be Asian themed.  I'm still assuming this is the Snow Leopard one.  So I'm thinking a Tibetan shrine sort of thing, high up in the mountains.

Plateau of Leng? Cult of the Yellow Sign? Carcosa/King in Yellow?

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23 minutes ago, TheAuldGrump said:

Ow, ow, ow! I was drinking a soda when I read that!


It came out me nose!


And went on my keyboard! :lol:


The Auld Grump - now I kind of want to play a Necbromancer. 'Dude!'


Necbromancers - duuuude wicked boner! Cuz y'know, skeletons. Duh.

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I desperately want to want the ship. My reluctance is that I  need a generic ship and that's not this thing. The gun port s bother me, but as long as they can be closed and glued shut I can get past those. The figure head is a bit much, but seems to be planned as being optional. The weird seahorse railing will make it an easy "no" for me if they get onto the final model. If I buy it, it'll be on the last day of the PM.


Sad thoughts over now, on to GO3. Elf me in the dwarf I dig this set. As far as I'm concerned its only shortcoming is that it lost two harpies.

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8 hours ago, PaganMegan said:

If they cancel or shrink the ship, I think we will end up spending a lot less on the entire KS.


The Argent mess really annoyed me, they were SPECIFIC about the size of the dragon, then did not deliver on the promise, with no notice that they had lied.


We went from sad we didn't get it and planning to buy it retail to glad we didn't buy it, and with no intent to buy it ever.

Sadly, the opposite event has been triggered... We will not be spending less.


It has been officially announced - and the price is downright reasonable.


My wallet is doomed. ::(: (Pretty sure I can hold it down to 'just' two....)


The Auld Grump

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5 hours ago, Sae said:

They could use planks 4"x1" that are purposely offset to suggest the presence of a grid without actually making one.

Absolutely something like this. 


I toyed around with doing something like this to make a wharf fishery for my game with coffee stirrers. I never got beyond playing around with it, though. 


I actually think making the planks 1/4" wide by 2" long, offset, will still provide a (more) subtle grid, and look a lot more realistic in scale. Making them 4" long works, too. But the 1/4" width is what will make them seem close enough to proper scale. 


If they do that, one could easily over-darken some of the gaps between the planks with a black wash to emphasize the grid, if they wanted (I would).


Edit: Actually, looking at the render reposted by Tyler T, it seems they are going for providing a subtle grid with the inclusion of nail holes. I'll have to take a closer look at what can be made out on the image in the update, but lines of nail holes is a good way to achieve this. 



Looking again at the original image, it is the plank end-gaps, not nail holes I was seeing. It seems they have chosen to make every fifth plank gap slightly wider, and each plank is five segments long, and the planks are offset. So I'd assume that means each plank is 5mm wide and 12.7 cm long (that's 1/5" wide by 5 inches long). 


The slightly more noticeable every-fifth plank gap, plus the offset plank ends, will provide an excellent & subtle grid. 

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1 hour ago, LittleBluberry said:


There are a couple of different potential reasons.  One, the purpose of the project is to get molds made.  They want people to need more at retail.  Two, they have often said that they're trying to expand the offerings in Bones because it lacked the scope of the metal line.  The latter reason seems to be less of a thing now than it was for Bones 1&2, but it might be that they figure you can do minor modifications to the same model to get variant units.  Kinda like how they keep telling us that you can use one horse and a torso swap to get more mounted units.  (My pet peeve, BTW.)


For everyone wanting squads of similar units, the elf ranger seems to be a bit of a test of that concept.  When it comes to monsters, some seem to get good variety like kobolds, goblins, skeletons, etc.  Those are the staple bad guys so it makes sense.  Harpies?  I don't know if three variants make sense financially.  Between older Bones models and new there's starting to be some variety for specific monsters.


Personally I'd rather see stirges than more variants of stuff, but I'm willing to differentiate units with paint.


It does make more sense for some "units" than others - for example, in the Greek Set, the "at least one such group per expansion" would probably make the most sense as a couple more Greek-style warriors (Argonauts, perhaps?  Usable as villains, henchmen, player-character figures, historical wargaming soldiers....), or better still (as kits of hard plastic historical Greek warriors are a thing) just one additional pose each of the faun and satyr (which easily do double-duty as Hellborn PCs, demons/devils, beast-men, etc.)


The matching hordes of kobolds, goblins, orcs, skeletons, and what-not have been great, and really seem to lend themselves naturally to uniformed bands of tabletop RPG NPCs, and to wargaming factions.  It's good to see the dark elves, dark dwarves, elf rangers, and the dwarf encounter dwarves getting some similar attention:  their use in wargaming is a little more obvious, but in tabletop RPGs, they work well as both friendly and villain bands of NPCs.  Just buying a dozen of the same model works, too (I've done this already with the one existing Elf Ranger and one of the hooded dwarves, for example, where some elf militia or a dwarven mining company were needed), but when that "warband" style variety is available, it's nice to have it!


I've nothing against the cavalry, but, sadly, they're simply something that almost never comes up in tabletop RPGs for me, though I can see where they'd really shine in wargaming.  That Reaper's released a couple cavalry figures in each Kickstarter (the goblin wolf-riders seem to be this Kickstarter's cavalry) but never launched into them with quite the enthusiasm that they have had for goblin and kobold infantry suggests that Reaper may have found even the Wargaming cavalry market a little too niche to be supported by much variety - hence the improvised torso-swap solution (which seems to be typical as well for dedicated wargaming mini companies for their hard plastic cavalry: a very limited number of poses, with multiple heads, arms, etc. for swapping to individualize the figures a little.)  Ideal?  No, but if limited variety and availability of cavalry are lemons, then torso swaps seem a fair enough recipe for lemonade that was never intended to be upsetting.


Speaking of improvisation:  I've found that the stirges are pretty easy to improvise, in absence of a dedicated minis:  at 28mm scale, and in early Bones figures blurry level of detail, stirges are small enough that the existing bats from the familiar set and the bat swarms stand in nicely for stirges - just give them an unbatlike reddish, bluish, or violet paint job.  I've used  the bats this way far more than I ever did as bats!


Another quick-and-dirty improvisation I've done for a popular niche request:  I see no compelling reason to distinguish between orcs and hobgoblins.  With at least a couple different styles of Bones orcs and Bones goblins, I simply use the smaller, scrawnier orcs (the Bob Olley sculpts) and taller goblins (the Ben Siens sculpts) as either hobgoblins or orcs (in-game, I've never really needed orcs and hobgoblins to appear at the same time anyway, so no reason to distinguish between the two.... This is a case where, like cavalry, it would be nice if Reaper could supply the niche demand for those who need it and I'd be happy for the folks who get them at last, but it's not something I've ever really needed myself.....)



In any event, Chronoscope seems like the place where that "warband" approach pays off for backers the most:  give me a cowboy, a WWII marine, a weird alien lizard in a jumpsuit, a steampunk guy in a top hat, Santa Claus, and five random sci-fi dinosaur people, and a rulebook, and I can give you... well, the Chronoscope Village People vs. five random dino-guys, which is... something. 


But, give me five cowboys here, and five pulp Lost World Expansion velociraptors there, then, together with a generic universal wargame rules set, I can give you an instant high-concept skirmish game, or the foundation of an eccentric RPG campaign I will call "The Durango Kid and His Gang in The Land of the Lost"!  (Give me five WWII marines and five orcs, or five steampunk guys and five Mi-Go, or five samurai dino-people and five cave dino-people, and I can do the same... I can also do this with the Chronoscope Village People and five random dino-guys, but it's a lot harder to make it work when everything is so weirdly random and themeless!)

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Good morning,


Happy to see that the ship's price is finally revealed.

Static or dynamic minis? I paint for fun and display, characters and monsters need to be dynamic for me.

Static figures are useful though for diorama / scenic basing sometimes, and those civilians would also make great statues.

I'm excited for the end of the KS, hopefully we see more unlocks.


As for taste in minis that's personal, things I don't like might be supercool to someone else, we can't argue about that or complain about taste.

I see this in the ship as well, I love the size, others want it shrunk, I want it in solid Bones others want it in translucent.

I think Reaper will have to choose and stick with that choice, they know what will sell best.


Not trying to bash, hoping that this will sink in and help improve communications.

I have been thinking about what @YronimosW and @Corsair  said about communication.

And I have realised that this is why I am less excited about B-V  compared to the earlier Bones Kickstarters.

Reaper Bryan was excellent in communication and that was part of the fun.

Ron is teasing and I think he means well, but for me it is a total turn off, I'm not really believing the info anymore till I see what happens and that holds me back to the point I'm less excited and less inclined to throw more money at it. 

I don't like being toyed with when it concerns business and that's what this is after all, I'm going to spend money.

Also I back a project on Kickstarter, I expect the info to be released there, I don't want/ find the need to have to sign up for another medium to hear what's going on.

This also means that some things I hear are '" second hand" and might not even been said like that.

Anyway, I really really hope that someone will fill the huge shoes Reaper Bryan left empty, it is needed!


@SamuraiJack I noticed you modded the Succubi Posts, I was under the impression their "parts" were covered albeit scantily.

That's why they kept the pics up in the Repaercon thread I believe.

Not wanting to argue, just thought I saw some sort of coverplates/tassles on the offending parts.

I might be wrong.


Hm, Ship and Succubi, I could crew that ship with Succubi and name it HMS Seduction.


All in all the KS is succesful, I still think it could be even more so when communication improves.











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Wow just woke up and I see things are going on the right direction again :) 

whats the general consensus about the ship & its price? 


Ah, and greek tier 3 finally revealed. Love the minotaur, Circe, Cerberus, Satyr & Faun. IMO the Medusa for once could had been more about snake hair (on a more aggresive stance) and less about an enormeous snake tail. 


And, its a bit sad, but... we have a Pegasus without Bellerophon, Medusa without Perseus, Minotaur without Teseus and specially, Polyphemus & Circe without Odysseus on an expansion called Greek Odyssey :/

shouldn't be that hard, as nice as they are just don't include a generic archer, Argonaut and mage to have space for some heroes...

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13 hours ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

I wonder if the arctic encounter could be Mythos-inspired...


13 hours ago, YronimosW said:

Now that you mention it, @Disciple of Sakura , I don't think Reaper ever did make a Bones version of the Elder Things, and we've got only one Mythos adventurer dressed appropriately for the arctic.  An Arctic Mythos Encounter might fill that void :)  Add in some weird ruins, a freight-train-sized Shoggoth, and some blind, albino Dire Penguins, and add your own madness and mountains, and you're set to go....

Mountains of madness! Tekelili!

4 days to go!


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