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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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Lost expansion unlocks? What are we up to now 3 with out a 3rd part?


Greek (at least they've shown us what's in 3)

Dark Depths ??

Brinewind (2 & 3)


Everything else has been shown & unlocked?

1 minute ago, TheUncannyAK said:

:lol: Don't put that out into the universe!


No one listens to me anyways, so no worries there. :blues:

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2 minutes ago, Jason Zavoda said:

Anyone know who I contact about resetting my pledge manager password. I thought i had it saved but it wont let me in and when i hit the reset button it isnt sending anything to my email address.

I had to set up my login again. It worked before but not today so I set it up fresh (with the same password as before, shhh)

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1 hour ago, Skallabjorn said:


A Sloop of War,...


This Reaper ship is a sloop-of-War. It’s almost exactly the same size as the fictional HMS Atropos which was a sixth-rate sloop-of-War. 


But by 15th century standards it is a medium Galleon. At 30 guns it is 2/3rds the ship Drake’s HMS Revenge was. 

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Update 55 shows Encounter at Mandupar Pass to be the next "reveal," but we already knew that, because it was on the map, and they showed it off on the Twitch Stream.


Here's the actual picture though, rather than a screen shot:




They have not updated the map yet.

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