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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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1 hour ago, NebulousMissy said:

If your ship is #13, do not, I repeat, DO NOT stir the cryo tanks. That's how you end up losing all the oxygen and stuffing grown men into tiny lunar landers without heat.


Well, obviously. You need to defrag the cryo tanks, not stir them.


28 minutes ago, YronimosW said:

In fact, regarding Canada, I'm almost completely sure that the Canadians got their orders before some of the US Wave 1 backers, which caused a little tempest in a teacup for those Wave 1 backers, but I don't see the big deal:   it's not like anyone paid extra for Wave 1 or anything, and not like Reaper promised Wave 1 would get stuff before anyone else!  It was just a nice, free convenience for those who showed up earlier, to help with the first-come-first-serve process in Reaper's end up to the point of shipping, after which it's anyone's guess what will happen....


Some US wave 1 backers did get their stuff first (I was one of them). Many did not and had to wait for shipment until another container reached Reaper. The problem was that Reaper said they would ship in wave order, which didn't happen (as regards international backers, anyway). Since I wasn't negatively affected, I didn't really have a stake in the issue, but if you're promised early shipping for early backing and don't get it, there's at least an argument that there was a problem.


(And yes, I know about the problems attending upon a possible Brexit at the time and might well have made the same call.)

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I'm way behind on reading the thread, but there's some more info from the daily twitch stream as pertains to the $40 KS Learn To Paint Kit.


It will be exclusive to the KS; they won't bring it to retail later.

The paints will be existing paints: they are just using generic color names right now, as they have not finalized exactly which colors will be included.

It will most likely NOT come in a pistol case, but rather just a cardboard box.


The LTPK didn't replace the second paint set per se... Earlier they said there should be a second paint set, but as I was typing this someone asked it again, and they said they didn't know.


The launch boat:




They will be giving away a unique paint, a metallic Rose Gold, at the KS finish party.

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7 minutes ago, TheUncannyAK said:

I really don't need that ship...


...However, I keep wondering how feasible it would be to carve it up and turn it into a shipwreck. Might be cool for tabletop terrain.



Bones is very easy to cut up, and Bones Black is easy if you boil it first and cut it while it's still hot; so it should be super easy to make a wreck, or pair of wrecks (fore and aft), out of it! 



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Curious that they're doing the learn-to-paint-kit with a fulfillment window that (for now) seems likely to be a year or two away, when it looks like an early delivery and a longer-term strategy for luring in first-time painters and gift recipients to become committed buyers for existing stock would seem to make the most sense for this sort of product, and hence availability in the Reaper shop ASAP without exclusive Kickstarter fulfillment at the same time as Bones V stock... this is one of the first things I've seen them do this Kickstarter that really left me scratching my head wondering what their reasoning behind it was.


I wasn't affected by the Wave 1 shipping thing either, and in any event didn't see a problem with delivering the foreign customers first, but there did seem to be a minority of vocal Wave 1 backers who didn't take it very well.  I think it had less to do with any sort of problem with foreign backers, than it did with feeling like Wave 1 shipping entitled those backers to the first deliveries, especially under the circumstances of tempers already being high due to production delays up to that point.  I can't really blame the angry Wave 1 backers, but I didn't really think of the Wave Shipping order as any sort of binding contract, I wasn't counting on delivery by any specific date, and I was counting on delays thanks to past experience, so I see where that would definitely make for a difference in perspective on the whole thing. 


If Reaper has had one definite ongoing problem with their Kickstarters, other than delays, it's been a matter of effectively managing backer expectations:  I think the communication is all there, but really more in a way that works better for someone like me than, you know, normal, sane backers who in most cases don't know anything about what a Kickstarter is, how it works, what the differences are in fulfillment philosophy for a Kickstarter vs. an online store, how being a backer differs from being a pre-order customer, etc., and aren't especially good with self-service where it concerns research and looking up answers and so on.  Most ordinary, first-time backers, for example, are the sorts of people who will be surprised to find that fulfillment isn't expected to happen until many months from now, and even that is an estimate that can go weeks, months, or longer over estimate - there are backers who get surprised by that sort of thing every Bones Kickstarter up to now, and I don't see that changing this time either.  I foresee this relatively poor management of expectations being something that will come back to haunt Reaper again for this Kickstarter, with a lot of shock, outrage, and ill-will to be expected before Bones V fulfillment is finished.  (Cheers to Dan, by the way, for proactively making that handy tip-sheet for the Pledge Manager:  that's exactly the sort of thing that can help these first-time backers out!)



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A reminder that this is a family friendly forum.

Posts that infer nonfamily friendly actions or words are not allowed and posts containing such have and will be removed.


Even if they are inferred and not blatant.


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25 minutes ago, lowlylowlycook said:

Huh, the LtPK is going to be KS exclusive.


Makes sense. They only have to package X number of them the one time, and they already have a commercial paint kit available in retail.  

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