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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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Just now, Inarah said:


Makes sense. They only have to package X number of them the one time, and they already have a commercial paint kit available in retail.  


The way to think of it that makes sense to me is kind of a Start Here for people that are getting started painting using the KS.  Kind of like how Fantasy Flight puts a simplified rulebook to get players through their first scenario.  

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I bet that Dark Depths stretch goal, especially the sea giant, is going to break the Kickstarter.  I might be able to resist this expansion yet, but that's looking like it'll be right up the alley for Reaper's more mainstream backers!


I may go for this expansion myself anyway:  when I look at 631, I don't see a Giant Jellyfish, I see a not-Flumph!  EDIT:  And with that many not-Deep Ones and other, more freakish stuff like the Eye of the Sea going on, this might as well by a Mythos expansion....

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4 minutes ago, Chris Palmer said:


Lol... ninja’d twice over!  :ph34r:::P:


Looks like two Dark Depth sets for me! 




I’m thinking the same thing now!


I want extra slithe and merfolk and a few others, and I could always ebay what I don’t need.


I was already planning on buying extra core sets to scalp anyway to subsidize my purchases and help boost the KS.

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